Riprap string bag before use, and what are the matters needing attention when using

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Riprap net is mainly used in water conservancy projects in the fill, burst blocking engineering. Because of its by chemical fiber woven, has good flexibility and high strength, fitted with stones in a net thrown into or sliding into the process of river bed, not easy to be cut, lower breakage, and no fixed shape easier to close to the bottom of the river, because a net not easily washed away by water, improve the filling and plugging success rate. Riprap net is indispensable product of form a complete set of water conservancy projects, and is widely applied in all kinds of lifting, handling, transportation, installation and other operations. From a security perspective: stone, a net work scope and activity space is large, protective engineering items are diverse, load change is big; In addition, due to some homework and the particularity of environment, the need to use a variety of stone, mesh bags, lifting machinery, is difficult. If a stone, a net link problems, it may lead to the entire operation can't run smoothly or casualty accidents. Because in order to guarantee the smooth water conservancy engineering safety and work, to strengthen the inspection of the ripped-rock net work is very important. Riprap net is the 21st century in the large water conservancy and ocean engineering is often used in a convenient and efficient consumables, its convenient operation, and has a powerful function advantage, but the ripped-rock string bag also need the correct use and careful maintenance to its performance to the best state, the following several kinds of mistake will directly affect the performance of riprap a net play. First of all, in the process of heavy homework using riprap string bag lifting stone with a sharp edge, it will cut of destructive riprap a net; Second, riprap net long exposure to the continuous the intensity of the ultraviolet light damage riprap next time a net; Again, acid will influence the performance of nylon rope and intensity of riprap a net, alkali would have a low to moderate damage to nylon and will completely destroy the strength of the rope net. Finally, temperature also affect the performance of the play, hanging stone, a net of high temperature on to cause the ripped-rock net belt must be destructive.
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