Road trips are always fun and exciting-you'll

by:SanTong     2020-06-23
Here are a few important things that you should bring for your dog when going out for a trip. Dog food You'll need a lot of this if you're bringing Fido with you on a trip, especially if your dog is on a special diet like high protein or a diet for degenerative myelopathy. Of course, you don't want to bring the whole sack with you. Try to place it in a container and to make it easier for feeding time, you can pack each serving individually. Toys You can bring their favorite ball, rope, chew toy, something that they enjoy playing with and carrying around. You're going to spend most of the time driving, so you'll want to keep your dog distracted and your eyes on the road. You can also buy it a new toy so that it'll become interested in it and spend hours figuring out what to do with it. Brush Since you really can't give the dog a bath, bring a brush with you during the trip. You still have to take care of their coat, and if you're going to somewhere with water like the lake or beach, you'll be thankful you brought a brush along with you. Give them a good brushing once a day to avoid tangles and lumps on their fur. It also helps keep them clean by taking out any dirt that could be stuck in their hair. Medication This is very important, especially if your dog has an illness that could quickly develop if you don't give it medication, like degenerative myelopathy. If your dog is ill and needs to have regular medication to stop or slow down the symptoms, store their medication next to the dog food so you won't forget to give it to them. You'll be gone on the trip for a while so bring a lot of restock along the way. Papers Just in case your dog goes missing or the state requires you to present official documents for the dog, bring their registration papers or something that can prove your dog is fully vaccinated and that you are the owner.
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