Santong Product Applications

Double Braided Nylon Anchor Rope & Dock Rope

double braided ultra strong nylon anchor lines, offers controlled elongation and excellent abrasion resistance. it has an ideal combination of decreased stretch and increased shock absorption in addition to being salt water, oil, rot and mildew resistant.

Double Braided Sailing & sailboat Rope

This rope is typically characterized by high breaking strength and low static elongation. The outer layer of the special structure gives it good grip. This rope is not only versatile, but also the first choice for lifting sails, controlling sails and control lines.Suitable for yachts of all sizes.

Braided Soft Shackle & Winch Rope

UHMWPE synthetic rope is a great product for many vehicle recovery situations.  synthetic can be a great option since it is lightweight and easy to handle. It doesn't develop sharp burrs like steel rope, and doesn't store as much potential energy when under load.

Braided Kernmantle Climbing Rope - Static Rope

Santong Kernmantle Rope is designed for CLIMBING,CAVING and ABSEILING. It is fabricated in high quality tenacity having superior strength. It maintains high service life flexibility with fast and easy splicing ans has a good abrasion resistance.

Quality Tree Climbing Rope

Made of high strength yarn, strong, durable. it could bear different kinds of friction with branches, rocks. Strong and durable, heavy duty, rot and tear resistant.
Special heat treatment for outstanding handling
Colour and length could be customized.

Nylon 48 Braided Pet lead Rope Dog Leash

Rope dog leash shock absorbent, lightweight premium mountain climbing gentle leader rope will never hurt your arm from your canine buddy pulling too hard.

Good for dog collars for large dogs, dog collars for medium dogs. GREAT FOR WALKING.  

Shandong Santong Rope Co., Ltd

Custom Service Provided

More than 100 sets of machines can manufacture all kinds of ropes, which allows us to provide customers with customized solutions.


If above products could not meet your demand, Kindly please send us your special request for customization service. 


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