Round wire rope storage requirements and the cause of cracking fuzz

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Round wire rope manufacturer's products are made by plastic fiber, so the more strict with the store in use, improper storage will affect its performance and quality, we need to comply with specific requirements? Because of the reason of round wire rope raw material, the use of the finished product is usually afraid of sun, so attention should be paid to avoid when stored in direct sunlight; But also can not put in the wet ground, in order to prevent the swallow tooth of rodents and insects. Can't straight on the ground, so that dirt infiltration, the sand will be inside the rope wear rope, so the store environment is appropriate is very important, otherwise it will affect the use of bundling rope. The right store can enhance its service life, so in order to prevent wear and tear, in the storage can be woven into a whip at the end, place the rope coiled coil; If not be careful in using dye the dirty, need to put it in clear water wash, and then dried or dried. Round wire rope products use is very important, in use can appear sometimes cracking fluff, influence round wire rope use effect, so we need to carry on the simple understanding, to ensure the good use effect. Round wire rope if there is a crack, the likelihood is the problem of raw material, because the low temperature resistance round wire rope itself is relatively poor, so if it is in the cold winter, it would be easier to break. It is possible that in the process of production of bundling rope, can increase the cylinder temperature or speed up the injection time, such problems can also lead to the quality of the lashing rope. If the round wire rope is the temperature is low or relatively dry climate, also easy to break, so be sure to select raw materials on the quality of round wire rope, avoid the happening of cracking phenomenon. Round wire rope fracture may be raw material problem, it is possible that itself quality problem, round wire rope material problems lead to the low temperature resistant performance is poorer, so if in the cold winter, is prone to fracture; If the temperature is low or relatively dry climate are more easy to use bundling rope fracture; Therefore, we tied rope when the choose and buy must select the product of gelation-flow-casting method, and pay more attention to when using some use skills, etc.
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