Round wire rope wild application techniques and application details

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
As outdoor sports fashion, a lot of outdoor activities, bai people advocate and practice, activities in the field of round wire rope is essential supplies, but how to do? What kind of round wire rope is more suitable for the field? Let's look at it. Work in the field, round wire rope can be said to be one of the necessary items. Because the wild environment is different, so under the different environment to use different kinds of round wire rope. Or because the weather is different, or for different terrain. If the wild mountain, you can use around 10 mm round wire rope as bands, so that we can ensure the security of one's own body. But if the climate is very wet in some areas you need to take into account the round wire cable material for choice. In block or block using a round wire rope, the diameter of the pulley should be more than 10 times larger than the diameter of a round wire rope. If found round wire rope with straight towards a direction reverse, should try to shake out straight, so as not to damage the interior of the round wire rope fiber. If use it bundled items that should pay attention to not be able to round wire rope drag on sharp or rough objects, also do not drag on the ground, to avoid grinding broken circle on the surface of the wire rope hemp, reduce the strength of the wire rope, shorten service life. Learned, round wire rope production, the main ingredient is used in polypropylene made round wire rope in use it easy by light, heat and oxygen aging; In the atmosphere of 12 d aging brittle, indoor place 4 months will spoil. Many manufacturers choose wip materials adding uv absorber and antioxidants to improve the weatherability of round wire rope. Usually will be woven round the end of the wire rope whip, place the rope coiled coil, so that we can prevent its winding is not clear, more easy to use, and pulls out a rope when need, in addition in the round wire rope for what else can't? Firstly, we all know that round wire rope is made of plastic or hemp fiber, the fear of the sun, so attention should be paid to avoid when stored in direct sunlight; Another is not on the wet ground, in order to prevent the rodents and insects swallow tooth; But be careful not to be straight on the ground, so that dirt infiltration, the sand will be inside the rope wear rope; If you are not careful to dye the dirty, can wash in clean water, then dried or dried.
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