Safe use and check of mooring equipment maintenance

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
A, precautions for safe use, A) Scale is larger, chemical fiber cable force there are a lot of long stretch, suddenly beating drum stress on easily so, operation should be far from drum, in case the pop-up cuts. With warping receive a twisted rope, try to avoid warping machine idling or skid ( Steel wire rope on the drum to around five laps, chemical fiber cable is usually 4) In order to avoid friction produce high temperature chemical fiber rope spoiled or glue; To avoid such as high temperature steam lines when stored in place; To extend the service life, such as chemical fiber rope head to wear easily place, especially a head available canvas wound. Cannot be used with wire rope crisscross the same chock or bollard. Avoid contact with acid, alkali and other chemicals, in order to avoid bad, often with fresh water, keep dry. ( 2) Broken wire was found in 10 times the diameter of wire rope length of more than 5% or significant deformation, wear and corrosion should be replaced. No kink, kink for wire rope; Mooring bend should be at least 6 times the diameter of wire rope over the bending radius. Wire rope in use, if discover rust, wire rope the intensity of use shall be reduced by 30%. A cable that cannot be used at the same time the two heads.                             After use, the wire rope should roll on the cable car, good cover canvas cover, temporary pan steel wire rope on the deck, should press the wheel clockwise. Usually deal with warping reel rotating part of the regular inspection and coating antirust oil. When using, should pay special attention to the speed of the cable car. Loose cable should be used when the cable car pedal brake to control the speed, can't use hand to stop the rotation of the cable car, lest produce risk. ( 3) Warping speed to obey the command, don't hard ground or sudden increase the power of the mooring winch warping in case of tensile cables or damage to the machine. Cable from the drum on pile, cable and cable homogeneous system should be used. Mooring, staff position to appropriate, it is forbidden to stand in the circle of the cable or two feet across the cable. Pay attention when operating, don't close to the tension of the cable. With cable, cable and fittings to be ready in advance, so as to avoid unnecessary delays. Operators should wear gloves, safety helmet, work shoes, safety protective equipment. Slip line, staff should stand in the bitt with rope live end more than 1 m. Wan pile, for double column bollard, should be around in front of a root, from the two piles, passing through the middle around the pile, and according to the '8' glyph fast ( Big wan) ; Fiber rope holding single pile (sometimes Small wan) 。 A bitt best holding a rope, if must be done in two, the steel wire rope with chemical fiber rope can't holding a pile. For holding the pile number, general steel wire rope is holding at least 5, chemical fiber rope holding at least 4, plant fiber cable in at least three, wan single pile should be at least 6 ~ 7. Steel wire rope stretch big for bulletproof relaxation, fast after this gird should be in '8' the word in the top of the 3 way with small mooring slipknot and fastened the rope. Pay attention to two or more than two cables at the same time on the same boat bollard or shore bollard correct set of pile method. Second, check the maintenance of mooring equipment inspection and maintenance points.
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