Safety rope use and the matters needing attention

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
Safety rope is made of synthetic fiber woven, is a kind of used for auxiliary lines connected to the seat belt, its function is to double protection, to ensure safety. General 2 meters in length, there are 2. 5 meters, 3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters, and 15 meters, 5 meters above the safety rope and for the use of the wire. Security cable is used to connect auxiliary seat belts rope, can ensure the safety of the user. If it is 5 meters above the safety rope so you can also to him as a rope. Outside the site or building, it would be possible to see the workers or move around or move up and down, this is the safety rope. The industry divided it into two kinds: parallel vertical safety rope, safety rope, fire safety rope and external wall cleaning line. The first two look similar name might think function, actually otherwise, the former is on the steel level mobile operation safety rope, the latter is used with climbing self-locking device vertical move up and down the protection of the rope, the so-called mountaineering. Fire safety rope is commonly used for high-rise escape, and the external wall cleaning line in fact if you have read carefully, you will find there will be two ropes, points is given priority to rope and rope. Of course they standards are different. Method of use: 1, parallel safety rope, safety rope used on steel level mobile operations. Requires a smaller percentage elongation, and high sliding rate, generally adopt injection for wire rope safety hook on the rope can move easily. Wire 9 inner core. 3 mm and 11 mm and 11 mm or 13 mm diameter after injection. Widely used in thermal power engineering of steel installation, and steel structure engineering installation and maintenance. 2, vertical safety rope, rope protection for vertical move up and down. Cooperate with climbing with self-locking device, weaving and stranding can be, must achieve the tensile strength of the regulations of the state, the diameter of the rope in 16 mm - 18 mm between. 3, fire safety rope, used for high-rise escape. Has two kinds of knitting and stranding, require strong, lightweight, beautiful rope in 14 mm in diameter 16 mm, a buckle, belt card lock. Tensile strength reached the national standard. The length of the customized according to user needs. Widely used in modern high-level, small high-rise building homes. 4, external wall cleaning line, points the main rope and rope. Main rope with wash boards and suspension, deputy rope is auxiliary line used to prevent accidental fall, 18 mm - the main rope diameter 20 mm, request the rope, not flat, high tensile strength. 14 mm - vice rope diameter 18 mm, standards and other safety rope standard is the same. Features: 1, texture is soft; 2, the material is different, wear-resisting degree is different, if the customer want to stronger resistance to wear, it is recommended to use high polymer materials; 3, tension can be adjusted, it is to choose different kinds of material; Second, the material thickness adjustment; Three is the core safety rope, wire rope, external use synthetic fibers; 4, corrosion resistance, materials have a pastor; 5, high temperature resistant, material is kay fulla; 6, variety, grade, more optional. Note: safety rope is not less than 13 mm diameter, twist for ( 5 ~ 9) / 100 ( Flowers/mm) 。 5/100 ( Flowers/mm) 。 All welders with suspension rope must be jacketed. The other parts of the suspension rope is jacketed. The wire without set. Lanyard to weave 3 - 4 the twisting pressure flower arranging, shares don't have elastic rope. In general, the diameter of the safety rope for: Φ 16.
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