Sailing what kind of relationship between cable and the knot?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
The ship, wharf everywhere on the cable. See dish into a plate of cable to try dish, see bundle and the rope learn baling, gradually learned a little bit of rope method, but the knot has been thinking about going to learn, until to tie on the ball when the knot is a must to learn, after can also help to solution by ball and tied by the ball. Terminal is to use with cable installed on wharf of horns, shipyard mooring method and yachts are different. When a use claw mooring thought is right, is correct, then how is to learn to practice with cable. And the sailor. About a sailor is not strange, but never thought about going to learn, don't know what is the practical application. Stay with 26 feet small sailing out to sea, litres of rigging no shackle, then just know can't dozen knot sail all rise not to go up, learn it. Several times down gradually understand, take the boat out to open, the knot is important, will take on the rope to tie the ship at the dock, can ensure that the ship is not bound by ball brush touch with terminal, can play a single set of knot to sail. Knot USES is very wide, except the mainsail sail sail Angle after the two point is with a single set of knot tied rigging. Rope, rope, rationalize, baling, hang up, do quickly, neat beautiful is really not easy, it requires constant practice, but also the brain, can extrapolate. If you really want to learn sailing and expect to control the boat, when you understand the purpose of the knot is will take the initiative to learn and practice seriously. There are, of course, there will be seriously, knot at random, this needs through the inspection to verify, can do right into the next course of study, knot otherwise continue to practice. Lax will bring solid exercise a lot of trouble. For example, by the ball off the sea, is in the dock of the ship was blown ran, cable solution doesn't open, and so on. Play the knot is not entertainment skills. Sum up, the rope with a knot learning includes five aspects: 1. The function of the ship structure to understand what are the structure and function after reasonable put cable on board, voyage with operating effectively. 2. The ship sailing knot the function of learning, tend to ignore the knot of practice, mostly do not understand the role of the knot. If you don't play to various kinds of knot cannot achieve litre sail, sail, operation include back to the dock lashing and sail boat after finishing, and so on. 3. Distinguish between the various cable material and forming method of ship structure according to different purposes, different materials and production methods. Should understand the knowledge, is advantageous for the correct selection and use cable. 4. Cable maintenance of cable in use process, might get wet with mud, xi resembles salt, or with other sewage, after back to wash clean with fresh water. All kinds of rope in baling when not in use, hanging on the specified location, Cable is short time can be set on the deck. To pay attention to check the lanyard for broken rope head should be handled in a timely manner. Use a knife to the damaged parts, wire head end with flame burning-out, with strong cord rope head tie is good, the length of the tie don't less than an inch ( 25 mm) Again, good with strong adhesive tape. 5. Familiar with several knots of dozen knot of dozen many, many, dozens, hundreds of; Introduce the knot book also many, many. From a practical point of view, 5 kinds of knot of dozen is must master: single knot, this knot, knot, eight knot and warping. Understand the purpose of the the 5 knots is more important than learning the knot. According to the typical knot, introduce a variety of style, the purpose is determined the basic approaches of learning. Don't grasp the basic techniques of the knot, transform is also hard to do.
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