Sea Marine cable application of common sense?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Sea, should put it in the cabin when using the Marine cable, neatly turf in grandin plank, it helps to keep the cable in the dry. The bus cable should be neatly turf in the car, and then cover it with the canvas cover, avoid direct sunlight. Pay attention to the cable or chemical pollution by oil, paint, to stay away from heat source. Should check whether the cable is broken stocks, wear, degradation, pulverization, if found to have serious defects, should be replaced immediately. Check the cable machine, brakes, clutch is working correctly, mooring winch drum on any rust or oil, idler pulley is rigid, its rotation is flexible, of lighting in the mooring areas is normal.   Manipulation of the cable car's crew should have been on the edge of the cable car, will never allow when rotating at the unattended, are not allowed to loosen the joystick stuck can bounce back.   If there is a steel wire rope, nylon rope steel wire rope with fiber line from the same spring pile, chock, steel wire rope to fold into a small Angle.   With the drum warping, the cable on the drum usually revolves around three or four laps ( When the cable force is bigger, can skid) , more will wear, heating cable, the cable can also jump cuts.   Check the cable to use with the cable material of rope, so don't slip, elasticity is also the same. Check the cable's style of play: two check the cable's first half under the rope knot, and then along the back, below the cross on the cable, cable car direction after the two check the end of the cable tight, hold, at this moment is mud loose cable, pile driving.   In only a stopper on the cable force; Cable pile, should have another cable force.   The same application direction of the cable line network with kind of material of the cable, and length, bearing the same degree.   Should avoid to take short cable length; Should avoid to be out of the side after the large Angle down the cable.   Force of the cable in the car need to loose out of the car should be closed when the clutch not pull open the brake it automatically; Force of the cable on the drum need a used car and cannot come loose by artificial to cut the rope on the drum circle to veer away; Do not use it might damage the cable, brake, even cable will jump out to hurt.   No one standing on the force of the cable. Pile on the cable should be not only is a 'figure of eight', if it is a big bollard, should be on adjacent stopper bollard again two laps around the 'eight'; If it is a little bitt in first two bollard outside around twice and then 'eight'.
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