Security fence safety regulations have?

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
Security fence is high fall accident prevention of one of the effective safety protection facilities. To avoid and reduce the falling and strike damage, also play an important role. Job security fence is high necessary protective equipment. Due to the difference of different construction project safety requirements, different specifications, the construction method is also different. Most security fence with diameter of 9 mm nylon cord ( Also useful polyester fibre cable) Braided and be become. The mesh for 10 ~ 14 cm, net 3 m * 6 m and 4 m * 8 m specifications, such as bearing requirement is not less than 160 kg/m2. Because of the security fence is designed to protect high homework personnel's personal safety and to prevent fall injury, therefore in use process must strictly abide by the relevant provisions. 1. High job site below must be hanging safety net; When building height more than 4 m, you must set up a security fence with wall gradually rise, after every 4 m to set a fixed safety net; In an outer layer, bridge frame, upper and lower on the hole must be set up security fence. 2. Low security fence construction should be in the outside, the discretion of the spending part of the difference in five ocm; Support bar without fracture, bending; Network with metope around the gap should be less than 15 cm; Low and below the surface distance is greater than 3 m. 3. Before the use should check whether the safety net has the corrosion and damage. 4. To ensure the safety in construction complete effective and reasonable Marine rope support, force uniform, the network can not have sundry. Lap is tight, can not have aperture, the erection of safety nets, shall not be removed or damaged during construction, must be to high homework before dismantling. 5. Security fence used erection of support, wooden small head should not be less than 7 cm in diameter, bamboo pole head shall not be less than 8 cm in diameter, spacing shall not be greater than 4 poles m6. Due to the need of construction of the temporary demolition has erection of safety nets, construction unit must inform and ask for erection of unit agrees rear can be removed. Construction must end immediately according to the requirement to recover by construction unit, and after erection of unit inspection, before use. 7. Often should clean up the network of sundry; Implementation of the welding operation in the upper part of the network, should take effective measures to prevent welding sparks in online; Net don't around for a long period of time has serious acid and alkali of smoke. 8. Security fence when use must check regularly, and tracking using the record, do not conform to the requirements of the safety net should be processed in a timely manner. 9. Set net net must be strictly distinguish peace, set net is not allowed when the flat screen use; Erect set net, the bottom line must be tied firmly. 10. Security fence when not in use, must be well storage, safekeeping, prevent mildew of be affected with damp be affected with damp. 11. New before use must check the nameplate products: (1) is a flat screen or set net; (2) the manufacturer's production license; (3) factory quality certificate. Old network test should be done before use, and have a test report, test the old mesh can be used. Security fence dynamic load test to 12 okg weight two pieces, 1 apart. 5 m by 4 - at the same time 5 m high free fall impact, safety fence is in good condition for qualified.
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