Shallow of Marine ropes berthing operation with cable?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Enough people dress to the mooring areas correctly. Check test good warping mechanical equipment; To ensure that the lighting is normal. Clean up the area with cable, without sundry, no pollution. Check test communications equipment, if it is a cb radio, should choose to have no other communication channel, also should have a sufficient spare batteries; Should have a spare calls to bridge communication tools. Captain tides, currents, according to Hong Kong, swell, berth length, cycle available space, ever tug, etc. , together with the pilot mooring plan: a total length of cable, what is the line, with the bollard, the cable order, have you tug, mooring boat, etc. Drivers should be regularly check the vessel and docks, the distance between the other ships, buoys, location, ship around is relaxed, and report the situation to the captain. Mooring plan after the captain to inform the pilot to convey to all the mooring personnel at the scene of the mooring plan with cable, and then prepare the cable according to the plan, according to the safety operation main points for mooring operation. After cable take, remember to put away mice blocked. Open berth of Chile and Peru with cable has a lot of open type natural harbor, because they had no breakwater, so the ship depend on the dock much affected by surge, if still use the usual mooring scheme at this moment, it's easy to cause broken rope. I round a number of open ports had berthing Chile, figure out a solution with cable, which can effectively prevent broken cable head line, stern line, spring respectively as much as possible from the same pipe out line to the same bollard, respectively, transferred to the same stress level; A rope back many times before and after each use for breast, can help to prevent excessive transverse yawing of the ship. In a nutshell is the cable cluster, known as 'twist into a rope' ( Cluster of cable which is also called 'a bunch of cable', due to the cable holes are the same, with the same bollard, its level easier to adjust the cable force on the consistent, therefore, to receive strength evenly in way of the cable with cable than usual, 'unity is strength' nature is not easily broken line. But also should pay attention to some ports bollard or condition is not ideal because of low load may not be suitable for this one. ) 。 Is summed up in a ship's mooring operation, has a good seamanship seamen, in a safe working environment, and the use of safety rope, use safety of machinery and equipment, use of safety operating rules, will ship securely attached to the dock.
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