Ship's mooring safety considerations

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
Mooring, seafarers ( Main deck, but does not rule out some ships are understaffed or emergency situation has a chef or engine room personnel to assist the mooring condition) In one of the most basic of the ship but also is one of the most important work.     On the surface, like with cable, it is very simple, but in fact, if not from the technical level to improve the mooring technology, psychological vigilance, mooring could become a very dangerous work, the so-called 'circle' of death 'deadly rebound' believe everyone had heard of, the danger since there is no need to speak.     Working on the boats is not an easy thing, must always pay attention to safety, to understand and master all kinds of instruments, equipment principle of work. When the mooring operations, especially need to pay attention to and take additional measures to ensure the safety of seafarers. The following listed points worthy of attention and vigilance of the mooring ship safety matters: & have spent   1. Irrelevant personnel prohibited from entering the mooring operation area: ship mooring, generally more nervous, everyone have their own mission, so irrelevant personnel should be prohibited from entering the area. Way the ship space, all kinds of rope pile up wrapped around the deck inside limited space, it is easy to stumble, knock against. And without is the replacement of personnel is happening in the first could not understand, easy to position themselves as very dangerous. Three, in order of could have is work a little block or a bother.     2. Please note that considering the weather: every time when making plans with cable, the captain and related drivers must pay attention to understanding the mooring in advance of the weather and sea condition. Wind, flow control of the ship, greatly influenced by a number of cable. Mooring personnel on rainy days when deck work especially need to pay attention to the effects of wet deck, as well as to the captain and pilot and the bow and stern wharf and the effects of the line of sight of the boat.     3. Be sure to know 'death trap' and 'deadly rebound'.     4. Mooring prior to first check of mooring equipment, tools: check that all the mooring equipment ( Including cable machine, windlass, pump, cylinder, brake, oil level, clutch, etc. ) And also need to pay attention to the cable is still in situ ( In daily work often use skimming is put back in place after the cable) 。 While sailing port before significantly better to arrange manpower for cable anchor machine for maintenance, lubrication, etc.     5. Suggestion: release one rope of the owner to save costs, working staff on board is generally just meets the demand of manning, so when people are generally not very abundant with cable. So proposal released at a time when the mooring rope, so to ensure that the work order and won't be panic. Sometimes the dockers are impatience will ask put two or more at the same time, must not for faster and more tension and cause an accident. Of course sometimes unusual circumstances, also need special treatment. This article suggested that not only do absolute guidance.     6. Attention to force situation of every rope: under normal circumstances, try not to make the ship force by more than 55% of the cable the slopes period of strength. ( This only for those tall ship)     7. Avoid cable mix: a mixture of the cable is very dangerous. Usually ships equipped with cable material, the thickness should be the same. Pay special attention to ordinary cable can not be used with steel wire rope.     8. Keep continuous inspection: after your cable, need according to the situation of the tide, loading and unloading cargo, ballast condition such as pay attention to adjust the firmness of the cable, and try to keep every cable force is the same. ( This is also a deck on duty in Hong Kong one of the most important tasks, though, as you know, but what happened because of this accident is also the most! I have encountered such an accident, ship in Brazil santos port of loading, due to the deck attendants failed to tighten the rope, lead to have taken place in the past generation swell make ship back and forth motion and cause of ramp is events. )
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