Shipping companies will hopes on the Oriental market

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Shipping after 8 years of depression, already had about the idea of the market has hit bottom destroyed by reality, declining confidence in the industry. Shipping advice horse ShiYun international shipping of accounting firm confidence, according to a survey in February, the global shipping market average confidence index is 5. 5 ( 1 - score range 10) ; May drop to 5. 3, flat shipping confidence since its inception the lowest level; In August, the average confidence index has rebounded to 5. 9, but far less than the index in May 2008 when created 6. 8 levels.   Horse ShiYun international accounting firm shipping field expert Richard gretna, according to the confidence of the shipping industry decline, suggests that the current volatile market and industry confidence is fragile.   J. p. Morgan had predicted in 2016, the global shipping industry will be more difficult than in 2015.   So far, many shipping companies will more hopes on the Oriental market. Maersk is reported to have stepped up efforts in China's business, such as in Qingdao Dong Jia mouth multi-purpose wharf invested 20% stake, and Qingdao port in Italy together Havana, gu lei dock joint venture. In addition, maersk still actively cooperating with 7 ports such as Qingdao port tug business, and hopes that the Chinese opportunities actively promoting LNG clean energy into the field.   National center for financial information index academy, a joint of the Baltic exchange after release of 'xinhua, the Baltic and international shipping center development index report' pointed out that the global top 10 international shipping center, Asia Pacific for six seats, world shipping center of gravity to the east trend is obvious.   , according to a report in the global top 10 international shipping center city in the order: Singapore, London, Hong Kong, Rotterdam, Hamburg, dubai, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, busan.   National center for financial information index academy experts said that can be seen from the samples of city distribution and international shipping center in the shift to the asia-pacific region. According to statistics, in the city of 46 samples, Asia, Europe and America accounted for 39%, 26% and 21% respectively.   Analysts said the continued weakness in the global economy, international trade growth under the big background, put forward 'area' strategy, China not only activate the countries along the China and trade port, is the inevitable trend in the global shipping center of gravity to the east.   'All the way up the implementation of the strategy of 'China' area will increase the water transportation and other international transport channel, to speed up the China and Asia, Europe, Africa, water transportation connections, promote foreign trade and investment, enlarge the import and export of various products, improve the market demand of shipping, so as to stimulate the shipping industry to a certain extent of recovery. 'Jian-ming CAI told reporters.   Under the new historical opportunity, Chinese shipping companies to accelerate increasingly clear to the good attitude, become the global shipping industry a bright scenery line. Wind statistics show that in the first half of 12 listed shipping companies implement belong to the parent company net profit of shareholders 35. - 400 million yuan, compared to the same period last year 14. 400 million yuan, up 345% from a year earlier. 12 the company net profit is positive, all three companies to profit.   Cosco shipping in the middle of net profit year-on-year surge in 33 times more. In the first half, according to the company's first-half results express company business revenue of 36. 3. 1 billion yuan, increased 1. 66%; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies. 3. 9. 2 billion yuan, an increase of 3325. 59%. It is worth mentioning that in the first half of the difficult circumstances in the external market, China's shipbuilding industry buck the trend, completed 18. 53 million deadweight tons, year-on-year growth of 6. 3%.   Jian-ming CAI pointed out, 'good to the development of China's shipping industry in the buck. But you also need to efforts in the following aspects: on the one hand, strengthen the high-end design ability, speed up the transformation of ship; On the other hand, to promote shipbuilding toward the intelligent direction, improve the development of the shipbuilding industry level, quality and efficiency. Information source: Marine cable manufacturers in jiangsu sweet sichuan cable technology co. , LTD
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