Since the development of

by:SanTong     2020-06-21
wire ropes in the mid 19th century, there has been never-ending research & development into manufacturing of High Quality wire rope in European countries; and owing to this tremendous R & D that went into its development, wire rope as an individual consumable, has passed through technical advancement to evolve into a vital product in almost every infrastructure industry. The Asahi Steel Industries Private Limited is truly obsessed for quality. Manufacturing from 1 mm to 60 mm Dia wire ropes of high carbon steel, stainless steel, copper as well as aluminum. We are also specialized in manufacturing all types of wire rope slings, strands and coated ropes. Wire ropes made into forms, with or without fittings, for handling loads and so made as to permit the attachment of lifting medium. Types of Slings are: 1. Bordeaux Connection Splicing (Hand Spliced). 2. Flemish Eye Splicing. 3. Liverpool Splice. 4. Long Splice. 5. Plain Eye and Thimble Splice for Multi-stranded Non-rotating Ropes. 6. Plain Eye and Thimble Splice for Six stranded Non-rotating Ropes. 7. Splice for Endless Rope. 8. Splice for Grommet. Whenever heavy lifting takes place, precautions must be taken to avoid the risk of accidents. Nylon, chain and wire rope slings are the most common slings, and a basic understanding of their qualities, techniques and common uses will help prevent accidents or injuries. Wire rope slings are made from twisting wire fibers over a core of fiber (flexible but susceptible to damage) or wire (less flexible but resistant to damage). Because of the intricate nature of these slings, they are susceptible to fatigue from repeated bending, abrasion or abuse. Any fraying cuts or unwinding should be recognized as signs of this fatigue. Wire Rope Slings should not be exposed to moist working conditions as they may rust and corrode. During storage these slings should be kept in ventilated areas and off of the floor. Wire rope slings are lubricated when manufactured but should also be lubricated at the worksite. The frequency and thoroughness of lubrication varies and depends upon the weight of the load and bending imposed on the sling.
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