Some children have relatively backward development

by:SanTong     2020-06-20
First, Hold pen and scissors Holding a pen to write or to do drawing with crayons seems to be activities each of the children in kindergarten will do. As this ability requires a complex set of feelings and memory skills, some children still holds not good. Parents can arrange children to do some interesting practice activities. Such as prepare the child a beautiful small forceps and ask him to try to clip large and small beans into a bowl, or cut grass with scissors, the child may be more interested. Second, Bounce the ball and catch the ball Exercise bounce and catch the ball to develop basic 'hand - eye coordination,' and response skills. The most effective way to achieve the objective is to practice more and more, so that it can better build the memory link between brain reactions and muscle actions. Third, Press button and pull zip Several years ago, clothes need buttons and shoes need to tie, children's fine motor skills can often get exercise in daily life. But now the children's clothing is very convenient to wear and take off, without buttons or zip. However to dress up dolls can also reach the purpose of exercise. Parents can prepare clothes with buttons and zips for the doll to provide the baby more opportunity to exercise small muscle and improve the ability of self-care. Fourth, Puzzles Puzzles has various colors and shapes, and is a very good intellectual game. From the point of developing child's motor skills, the purpose of puzzle is clear: in the development of the child's short-term memory and long-term memory, meanwhile, use children's small muscles to improve fine motor skills and spatial skills. To use those large puzzles with simple patterns will do. Fifth, Walk a straight line and practice balance To keep body balance is an important part to develop motor skills, and in children's games, there are many activities require to body balance. Parents can consciously looking for opportunities to practice together with children standing on one foot. For example, draw a line at home to practice walking balance, standing still at one point, or tiptoe up the steps. Tips: Activities exercise small muscles include: paper cutting, molding clay, paper folding, drawing, weaving, playing, building blocks, inserting plates, playing marbles, turning rope. Exercise large muscle activities: rope skipping, climbing, casting, hopping, walk running alternating movement and so on.
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