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by:SanTong     2020-06-26
Our anchor windlasses and capstans are visually attractive with simple installation and smooth usage. From easy maintenance to supreme reliability, South Pacific Anchor Windlasses are assured to have a long, trouble-free life. South Pacific takes pride in providing customers with an exceptional product as well as excellence in service, sure to make a pleasurable experience for all our deserving customers. South Pacific Windlasses are suited for boats ranging from 15ft to 45ft with both a Horizontal and Vertical series and suit both rope and chain. Our flagship 710 series is specially designed to cater for smaller size boats, being compact and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, following in true South Pacific tradition. The 800 and 900 series, comes standard with a stainless steel gypsy, suits larger boats and have been developed with current technology and ideals with efficient spur gears, reducing power consumption and increasing motor efficiency. The Vertical Series never ceases to amaze, with its wonderfully low profile, strength and durability. All are fitted with stainless steel gypsies and shafts as well as an all metal gear box which again demonstrates reliability and innovation, as in the tradition of South Pacific's products. Our Electric Capstans are made from stainless steel with a chrome plated aluminum alloy base and high efficiency heavy duty motor and gear box providing tremendous drag force and long-life performance. Our global distribution network is heavily invested in, as South Pacific employees continually support boat builders, distributors and dealers in supplying and servicing our extensive range of South Pacific Windlasses. Our Company has worldwide windlasses and boat accessories distributors including Australia, UK, USA, Canada and various other countries.
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