Steel wire rope production process stranding what kind of?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Stranding type, structure, and USES & have spent Type, structure, raw material and production process of wire rope depends on the purpose. General steel wire rope with diameter of 0. 1 ~ 6. 0 mm round cross-section of carbon steel wire. Seal and seal wire rope twist system, will use the Z and other special steel wire. Is the type of wire rope according to utility cent: suspension Bridges with rope and mining stranding, aerial ropeway with carrying rope, gearing with traction rope, elevator wire rope, strapping and drag the goods with the tie line, etc. Wire rope to the rising number of varieties, the structure is increasingly complex, in addition to used in a variety of coated steel wire, also use stainless steel wire and metal wire. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of steel wire rope used for steel wire rope has enough strength, good flexibility, twisting of the compactness, pressure resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, etc. , of which strength is important.   Cross section structure of wire rope is a little round round stock, line contact, contact shares, unique shape, single shares not rotating, sealed, and flat. The surface contact circle strands wire rope by stranding machine traction line will contact strand by wire drawing die or roller die drawing. Through die, the strand deformation before and after the cross section of stranding of both oil and coating anticorrosion measures.   Oil & have spent All wire rope must be oiled. Fiber core oiled, oil can protect the fiber core decay, no rust steel wire, nourishing fiber, and lubrication wire rope from within. Surface oil make all steel wire strand surface evenly coated with a layer of anti-rust lubricating grease, which the friction ascension and mine water large mine with ropes, besmear to increase grinding and water resistance of shiny black fat; Other USES are painted membrane and good red oil grease, rust resistance and demanded that the thin oil layer, easy to keep clean in the process of operation.   The plating & have spent Have galvanized and aluminized, nylon or plastic coated, etc. Galvanized wire plating before they pull out of thin coating and wire drawing after galvanizing thick coating, thick coating lower than smooth surface on the mechanical properties of the wire rope, appropriate is used in severely corrosive environment. Aluminized steel wire rope is better than galvanized steel wire rope corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, mainly used in trawl fishing vessels and mine, etc. , containing H2S production plating before pulling method. Nylon or plastic coated wire rope TuSheng and besmear after shares in line two. The former used for standing rigging, the latter is used to running rigging.   Wire rope production volume line, stranding and laying-up three basic processes.   Volume line process & have spent Steel wire coil to coil on the wheel of stranding machine; After the wire from the wire drawing machine will also be directly roll the wheel. Stranding & have spent Steel wire twist into a rope. Stranding machine has basket type, shaft tube, pipe and double twisting machine and so on. Figure 3 to 12 shaft tubular strander, 1 is the wheel for the bottom of the strand, 2 is a rotating barrel, within 12 volumes of steel wire wheel, 3 is a stock line pressing, 4 is traction wheel, 5 is the upper strand take-up round, barrel rotates, the traction wheel raises the lay length of rope length for shares.
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