Stereotype rope manufacturer introduction to maintain rope net belt skills

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
1, rope net belt surface damage is an important factor in the decrease of strength of condole belt, so after the surface abrasion, tape will be dramatically damage. Condole belt surface fiber appeared some faults ( Not fault) Is inevitable, as long as is not too big, is will not affect the use. 2, when used to strictly abide by the lifting load coefficient. 3, shall not be used centrally bolted lift way without protection. 4, shall not be soft ring with any may cause damage to the device connected to it, soft ring even lift device should be: A) Smooth without any sharp edges; B) Its size and shape should not tear seams or belt under the heavy load. 5, when hoisting shall abide by the following steps: A) When mobile condole belt and the goods shall not be towed; B) Don't tie belt; C) When carrying, don't make it twist; D) Don't use no sheath ( Kok) Condole belt carrying goods have sharp corners, edge, especially when the tape has some scratches or wear; E) Do not allow the condole belt hanging the goods time is too long; F) When the goods stay on the harness strap must not be pulled out from carrying condition; G) Avoid hang live or impact load; H) Avoid soft ring opened more than 20 ° Angle; 6, in the process of lifting should guarantee what stays the same, if you need several harness when used at the same time, as far as possible make the load evenly distributed on each strap; 7, if used in high temperature circumstance or lifting chemicals such abnormal environment using the harness, should according to the guidance of the manufacturers and sellers, Suggestions for use. Condole belt dirty or after used in the acid and alkali environment, should wash with clean water immediately. 8, the harness should be in the dark and the absence of uv radiation. Nine, can not keep the harness in near near open flames or other heat source. 10 and every sling should be carefully check before use. 11, don't repair the damaged condole to solicit opinions of the manufacturers and suppliers. 12, when not in use the harness should be stored in a dry ventilation dedicated rack, so that the next time.
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