The advantages of analytic Marine nylon cable material have?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Nylon material has the advantages of polyester material, and strength higher than that of polypropylene material, polyester material, but the price is some higher than the other.     Polymer polyethylene ( Nima) Belongs to high-grade material, is the world's high breaking strength, excellent comprehensive performance of the fiber, formerly used in national defense scientific research and so on, such as: body armor, due to its strong tensile strength, is used widely used in Marine cable manufacturers in the industry. Can substitute for wire rope. Chemical raw materials of nylon and polyester materials have been well developed, so also we have appeared on the cable is widely used today, from the point of view it is tensile and friction resistance and other properties, and the price is not particularly high that determines the use value of promotion. When ship industry starts to enable the rope in the cable manufacturer, only to find that this kind of material of the rope is not only strong, also special light can even float on the surface of the water, so convenient, especially when they pull the boat also enhanced safety cable manufacturer. Cable strength and abrasion resistance are many times better than the cotton rope, polypropylene rope is less than water, easy to float on the surface of the water, convenient and safe to operate. Chemical fiber cable according to the processing. Chemical fiber cable manufacturer according to the machining process is divided into three strands of the cable, cable and cable for public and preparation of the cable. Three strands of the cable diameter of 4 mm - commonly 50 mm, stereotype cable diameter of 35 mm - commonly 120mm。 Fender cable besides used in Marine use, are also used in transportation, industrial, mining and fisheries. Main performance for cable, the cable manufacturer of light weight, float on the surface of the water, lighter than the same diameter of steel wire rope, 87. About 5%. - - High strength in the world, than the equivalent diameter and high strength steel wire rope. About five times.   Excellent durability and resistance to sea water, chemicals, is repeatedly, ultraviolet radiation and temperature difference using the same quality. Cable manufacturer is easy to operate, fast, use safety, operation is short time, such as the army in certain cases, the ability of fast mobile warfare.
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