The advantages of nylon winch rope and purposes

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
The advantages of winch nylon cord & have spent   Main application: high quality trailer rope: high intensity. The weight is light, soft, easy to operate, etc. Heavy duty rope fishing and coastal industry, Marine salvage system, rescue system, offshore oil platform, anchor, anchor and mooring, towing Marine seismic survey, submarine cable system. Boat series: sailing boat with a sail, sail foot line, the halyard, sail and string series. Sports series: gliding cable, umbrella rope, climbing rope, sail ropes, shooting with the bowstring, etc. Military series: Marine use rope, rigging, paratroops cable and other sail ropes, with an umbrella, a helicopter sling, rescue and army troops and armored forces with a variety of sail, machine using a strong rope.     Main advantages: light weight float on the surface of the water, 85% lighter than the equivalent diameter of wire rope. The world's strength is very high ropes, than the equivalent diameter and high strength steel wire. 5 times the left and right sides, excellent durability, resistance to sea water, chemicals, ultraviolet radiation resistance and temperature difference and easy to operate, fast, use safety, short operation time, such as the army under certain conditions, improve the ability to maneuver, fast, etc. , high strength, small diameter, light weight, the advantages of easy to carry and operate, suitable for using in many ways.   The advantage of winch nylon cord & have spent   1. Technical advantage: invested in technology research funds has reached more than 300 more than a dozen years, the researchers and material cost accounts for the main expenditure, the good news is that we made great improve on fiber material in the material introduced two kinds of stable high quality fiber, coating for import Belgian glue (outside Customers can come to my company at any time to identify the material and tensile testing of technical communication) , thus high 5% - than similar products 10% of the breaking strength, high stability at the same time, breaking strength stability in the value of 0. About 5%. And technical support is a key equipment, the equipment is the introduction of Germany advanced twelve improve silk density and strength could be improved by more than 10%.     2. Quality advantage: our company through analyzing quality of high strength wire at home and abroad, selected the strong stability in high quality materials, so as to make the factory to the quality of the product reached 100%, improved the security of the products, at the same time to enhance the service life. Nylon rope continuously for higher belief and capital investment, makes our company in this decade have customer affirmation, customers are also improving every year at the same time, in the design of nylon winch fiber rope has many forms, all of these are timely communication with customers, and get results after technology research. In fact, we also cannot leave the general customers the support and advice. Information source: Marine rope maker sichuan cable technology co. , LTD. Jiangsu ointment
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