The application and maintenance of chemical fiber rope

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
The application and maintenance of chemical fiber rope: & have spent   ( 1) Chemical fiber rope afraid of heat, fire, should avoid long time exposure, away from the steam line and fire; Shall not throw cigarette butts on the cable. To avoid rapid friction, shoulds not be too much on drum loops, nor in the bitt or the roller slip line, in order to avoid friction produce high temperature, make the rope smoldering form, melting.     ( 2) Chemical fiber rope afraid lacerate, should prevent sharp injury; Avoid acute Angle of friction, eye ring and in the chock with cable near the line segment, with canvas or rubber bandage; Cable shall not cross to decorate, can't with cables crisscross.     ( 3) Chemical fiber rope elongation, help with the shock load, fracture to rebound when they strike, but once it is easy to hurt personnel shall not stand in a dangerous area, so as to avoid danger.     ( 4) Elastic good chemical fiber rope, nylon rope, such as moments after stretching back to the elasticity is very big. When off the rope on the winch, should be gradually relax to eliminate tension, so as to avoid personnel by bullets.     ( 5) Chemical fiber rope pile, should be in after the first round 1 on the bollard, and then on the double pile around four or more '8' the word.     ( 6) The cable cannot be used at both ends and at the same time. The bitt release has a load of the cable or the roller, the operator is not reliable rope too close, just in case the cable sliding out fast pour with injuries.     ( 7) Mooring should maintain each mooring force equilibrium, because of the force is too large, so as to avoid a rope stretched excessively, elastic damaged cause permanent deformation, even at the risk of broken line.     ( 8) Using old chemical fiber rope, carefully check the degree of fiber abrasion, aging, and appropriate to reduce the intensity of use, to ensure safety.     Some chemical fiber cable ( Such as towing) The surface is very good, no serious injury, also do not have not aging, but long-term undergo large pulling force, the cable has been stretching and flexibility is destroyed, scale is small, the buffer is limited. The sudden strong shock when they are in danger of breaking. This kind of cable should be used to place of the load is small, and pay attention to when using, should make the cable force gradually. Once appear, the cable beats, accompanied by a giggling noise, was a sign that the broken line, near the staff should pay special attention.     ( 9) Without the cable should be pan, neat rows. Right hand twist wire strand should be clockwise the steering wheel. In chemical fiber rope on the deck, wooden board, should be fitted and stamped with canvas cover, avoid prolonged exposure. Long time sailing ship, chemical fiber cable should be in class. Information source: Marine rope maker sichuan cable technology co. , LTD. Jiangsu ointment
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