The application of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene cable field have?

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
China's chemical fiber power, but not chemical fiber power, according to expert introduction, and the relevant departments of statistics, China's production of high performance special fiber is only one percent of the world. Three high performance fiber in the world today is: aramid fiber, carbon fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, the current Chinese due to technical problems only small amounts of aramid fiber production; Carbon fiber is still in the phase of experiment and primary production, the product can only be applied in the field of wear-resistant materials; Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber in 1994 with profit, break through the key production technology in the industrialization of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibres has been formed in the domestic production base. According to the report, the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber 70% used for body armor, twelve strands of rope bulletproof helmets, military facilities and equipment, aerospace and other military body armor field, and the development of high performance fiber is a reflection of a nation's comprehensive strength, is an important material basis of construction of modern power. At present, countries have vigorously support and accelerate the development of production and application of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber in our country, the domestic UHMWPE fiber has occupied pivotal position in the whole world.     1, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene wear-resisting performance is among the top of the plastic, and the larger the molecular weight, material of the higher wear resistance and impact resistance;       2, the impact strength of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is high value of the existing plastic, even in the - 70 ℃ still has a high degree of impact strength;       3, self-lubrication;       4, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene bibulous rate is extremely low. As a result, its physical and mechanical properties and the use of the working conditions of humidity factors;       5, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene chemical stability, in a certain temperature, the concentration range can acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive medium and organic solvent corrosion;       6, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene tasteless, non-toxic, odorless, itself no corrosive, with physiological cycle and physiological adaptability.       7, not adhesion;       8, high density polyethylene molecular weight more than 500000, brittle temperature drop to - 140℃。 Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene can even under the effect of liquid nitrogen, its temperature can reach - Below 269 ℃, there are still certain mechanical strength.   The application of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene: & have spent     1, lining: bunker, hopper, abrasion resistant plate, bracket, chute, such as reflux device, sliding surface, drum, etc. ;       2, food machinery, guard rails, star wheel, steering gear, roller, bearing bushing, etc.       3, papermaking machinery: suction box cover plate, guide plate, wiper plate, foil;       4, chemical industry: sealed fill plate, packing material, vacuum molding box, pump parts, bearing bushing, gear, sealing surface;       5, and other agricultural machinery, Marine parts, electroplating industry, extremely low temperature mechanical parts, etc.
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