The application scope of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
Because the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber has many excellent properties, it is in the high performance fiber market, including from offshore oil field of mooring rope to high performance lightweight composite materials are showing great advantage, in the modern war and areas such as aviation, aerospace, maritime defense equipment plays a vital role. In terms of national defense military equipment, impact resistant performance is good, because the fibers is larger than the energy absorption, the military can be made into protective cloth, helmets and bulletproof material, such as helicopters, tanks and ships armor plate, radar protection shell cover, the missile shield, body armor, extra clothes, shields, parachute, etc. , of which the application of body armor is more conspicuous. It has the advantages of soft bulletproof effect is better than that of aramid fiber, has now become the main fiber bulletproof vests market occupation of the United States. Other than a recoiling of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber composites load value of U/p 10 times that of steel, more than 2 times the glass fiber and aramid fiber. Abroad with the fiber reinforced resin composite material made of bulletproof, riot helmet has become a helmet and aramid fiber reinforced composite material substitute for helmet. In aerospace engineering, because the fiber composite materials of lightweight, high strength and impact resistant performance is good, suitable for all kinds of aircraft wing tip structure, the structure of the spacecraft and buoy aircraft, etc. The fiber can also be used as the reduction of the space shuttle landing plane and a suspension of lifting rope, instead of traditional steel rope and synthetic fibre ropes, its exceptionally rapid development speed. In the field of civil, made from the fiber ropes, cables, the sails and fishing gear used in ocean engineering, under the weight of the fracture length is 8 times that of steel rope, is 2 times of aramid fiber. The rope is used for super tanker, Marine platform, such as a beacon of anchor rope, solved the previous use of steel cable corrosion, polyester and nylon rope of corrosion, such as hydrolysis, ultraviolet degradation caused the decrease of strength of the cable and rupture, often need to be replaced. In industrial applications, the fiber and its composite material can be used for pressure container, conveyor belt, filtration material, automobile cushion plate, etc. ; Architecture can be used as a wall, diaphragm structure, use it as a reinforced cement composite material can improve the toughness of cement, improve the shock resistance. Because UHMWPE has excellent abrasion resistance, impact resistance, it is widely used in machinery manufacturing industry, can produce all kinds of gear, CAM, impeller, roller, pulley, bearings, bearings, bushings, cutting shaft, gasket, seal, flexible coupling, screws and other mechanical parts. In sports goods has been made on the helmet, skis, sail round plates, rods, the racket and cycling, gliding plate, ultra-low weight aircraft parts, etc. , its performance is superior to the traditional materials. Japan's mitsui petrochemical company manufacturing UHMWPE rink, opening to the outside world in Kagoshima county in 1975, the cost for a quarter of general skating rink. In medicine, the fiber reinforced composite material is used for the plates graft and plastic materials, medical suture, and other fields, it has good biocompatibility and durability, and has high stability, will not cause allergic, have for clinical application. Also used for medical gloves and other health measures, etc.
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