The cable fault emergency response plans

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
At sea or in the canal, ships sailing are more or less have some unexpected situation, we need to predict in advance. Emergency disposal plans for the cable fault is introduced as follows: 1, ship rope fracture after the accident report found that the program should be stipulated in the company, report shall specify the ship rope fracture accident happened when a berth name, ship name, ship accident job status, name of ship loading and unloading of goods, such as accident severity. 2, operation department received a ship rope fracture severe accident reports, to the maritime search and rescue center immediately report to the police for help. 3, if there are any injuries, should immediately call the hospital first aid.     4, dock supervisor on duty on duty for temporary command, the scene of the accident after department manager arrived at the scene, as the site command by department manager. Displacement of 5, when the vessel mooring rope abnormal noise, homework personnel should immediately withdraw rope fracture damage area. 6, immediately notify the ship stop operation. 7, broken line after the accident, immediately check terminal operation personnel, confirm the presence of injured or missing, when it is necessary to the maritime search and rescue center, long-endurance public security bureau command center report to the police for help. 8, if the cable fault, ship's displacement is used with steel wire rope, the extension of the time. At the same time, by the berth of horsepower immediately send tug, train persons, to hold the danger. After 9, hold the danger, in conjunction with the departments to prepare for processing solutions. 10, determine the terminal equipment damage, adopt corresponding repair measures. 11, accident treatment personnel should wear a life jacket, when it is necessary to wear labor protection articles. Information source: Marine rope maker sichuan cable technology co. , LTD. Jiangsu ointment
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