The cable to the requirement of rope machine when producing

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Rope machine, including the frame and installed on the base of the conveying mechanism, closing mechanism, motivation mechanism, conveying mechanism by central axis, synchronous transmission gear train no. 1, left, right, square plate and arrangement between left and right square frame board four line tray, closing mechanism by the rope, accept, pendulum string axis, one traction rope shaft axis, the no. 2 traction axis, horizontal bevel gear, shaft bevel gear, bearing, bearing right and left 2 synchronous transmission gear train, dynamic mechanism is composed of motor and pulley drive, motor to drive through the belt pulley, deputy and number one and number two synchronous transmission gear train connection, a synchronous transmission gear train drive conveying mechanism to complete the pay-off, 2 synchronous transmission gear train drive the closing mechanism complete the rope and the rope, the fully automatic rope machine, automatic line, the machine can produce two shares three strands of rope, rope, four strands of rope, high production efficiency, product quality is good, save time, save work, and effort. We are still should pay attention to when using some conditions about rope machinery: & have spent   1, the first rope machine model according to the class, type classification principle. In block letters with Chinese pinyin 'said class of rope machine, model code, if there are repeated, expressed by two typical Chinese pinyin', expressed in the main parameters of rope machine structural characteristics. This kind of product is behind the main parameters of filling series, the main parameters and the serial number with a dash between links.     2, the design of rope machine should conform to the technical requirements of rope process, rational layout, elegant shape, reliable performance, simple operation, designed so that it would be easy to repair when failure occurs, can improve the high seriation, generalization and standardization level, rope machine should be in accordance with the prescribed procedures approval of drawings and technical documents manufacturing;     3, rope machine power and control devices and to ensure that basic performance of rope machine accessories and the use of special tools shall be issued by factory to install, and then supply.     4, the last rope machine should not have the appearance of the surface pattern without obvious bulge, sag, rough and other damage defects, such as rope machine lacquer layer should be uniform color, as long as after reaching the above basic conditions, rope machine can use better.     Correct operating rope machine working conditions, better that we use it, bring us efficiency. Information source: Marine cable manufacturers in jiangsu sweet sichuan cable technology co. , LTD
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