The causes of Marine rope fracture have?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
In the operation of the cable, safety is important. A large liquefied natural gas carrier is through before and after tension cable anchorage to the in situ. Responsible for the front cable deck officers stood in Marine cable through the rear chock. He forward a sailor signal command operation. In that position sailors can deliver information to the commander of the invisible deck winch operator. Under the action of tension, the cable on the inside of the ship's rail snap, the cable force of pop hits the deck commander's head, causing a skull fracture. Why Marine cable broken? First of all, port berth location and weather, sea conditions is a main reason for the broken cable of the ship. Affected by the strong surge port berths, as well as the strong winds baiting port berth; The typhoon season, the flood period, large tidal surge, hurry up, hurry, drowning; Stern to upstream of rivers, wharf pile length is short, less or position, dockside channel narrow and often ship after, wharf and no wind around the high side, low content such as the external environment. Second, the huge volume of large ship, the windage area, affected by the surge, the cable tensile friction make the system more strong; Cable broken, aging, Marine cable strength is insufficient and uneven, mooring equipment is not complete or the guide rope device failure, etc. During the department, steady, the personnel on duty work negligence, ship's safety patrol work does not reach the designated position, no loading/unloading adjust timely according to the tidal and mooring rope, resulting in broken line.
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