The characteristics of high-quality flax rope and weathering resistant ability

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Linen rope manufacturer's products are in many respects, we can see, we have seen in the market a lot of different quality, specification and brand products, so we need consumer to judge the quality of the product itself, let's know about the present high quality linen rope. Flax rope is in the modern industry, fisheries, agriculture, ports and other industries, the hemp rope is more, the kinds of used in different industries have different requirement about the quality of the product, if it is the need for use on the project, you will need to choose resilient and hemp rope, and applied for the larger. Quality of fiber flax rope it is flexibility, tensile resistance, good elasticity, friction resistance, load power, etc. Linen rope manufacturer's products are used in many ways, including outdoor, product packaging, etc. , the use of the several aspects about the quality of the products have high requirements, all aspects of product performance is recognized by users from all walks of life, especially its resistance to weathering ability had a great influence on the service life of the product, let's look at. The hemp rope is made of natural fiber was prepared through treatment, its resistance to weathering ability very strong, and also has a very strong anticorrosive, wear-resisting, tenacity, anti-aging, tensile property, the hemp rope manufacturer produces the product variety, product has good security, good colour and lustre bright-coloured, folding resistance, can allocate special color according to customer required. The safe usage of the hemp rope specifications: first, before use must carefully check, if found the strange such as macular, hemp rope to reduce the intensity of use or stop using it. Second, linen rope to bind hoisting time usually only applies to the use of smaller weight of the object.   Third, should pay attention to when used as one thousand catties rope load cannot too big, cannot be used more than pulling force.   Four, when used in no sharp or rough object pulling, lest affect intensity, shorten service life. Five, the hemp rope should be stored in ventilated floor, can't be affected with damp be affected with damp and cannot be used for corrosion resistance is strong. Six, used to block and tackle the pulley diameter of more than ten times larger, rope groove radius more than a quarter of the radius of hemp rope.
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