The characteristics of the chemical fiber material and what is it used for?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
A, viscose ( Hygroscopic tingible) Is man-made cellulose fiber, spinning made by solution method, due to the fiber core and outer layer of solidification rate, the formation of skin-core structure ( From the cross-sectional slices can be clearly) 。 Viscose is common in the chemical fiber moisture absorption strong, dyeing is very good, wearing comfort, viscose elasticity bad, wet strength, wear resistance is very poor, so the glue is not washable, dimension stability is poor. Alkali than major, fabric weight, not acid.   Viscose fiber are very versatile, almost all types of textiles will use it, such as filament yarn for the lining, beautiful silk, flags, ribbon, tyre cord, etc; The conflict between short fiber cotton, wool-like, blended, interwoven, polyester (such as Crisp wrinkle) Characteristics: high strength, good resistance to impact, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, resistant to decay, acid alkali, not light fastness is very good, After acrylic) Keep 60, 1000 hours insolate, strong 70%, poor hygroscopicity, dyeing difficulties, fabric washable quick-drying, conformal sex is good. Has the characteristics of 'wash and wear' purpose: filament: often used as a low stretch silk, production of various kinds of textiles; Staple: cotton, wool, linen, etc all can blend, industry: tyre cord, fishing nets, ropes, filter cloth, insulation materials, etc. Is the dosage of chemical fiber in the big one. Three, polyamide fiber ( Strong wear-resisting) : big advantage is strong wear resistance, is one of the best. Density is small, the fabric is light, good elasticity, resistance to fatigue damage, chemical stability is very good also, alkali acid!   Big drawback is that the sunlight resistance is not good, long tan fabric will become yellow, strength, moisture absorption is not good, but better than acrylic, polyester is good. Purpose: filament, used for knitting and silk industry; Staple, mostly with wool or wool type chemical fiber blended, gabardine, nitin, etc. Industry: tire cord and fishing nets, also can make carpet, Marine ropes, screen mesh conveyor belt, and so on four, acrylic, Bulk fast) :,   The performance of the acrylic fiber resembling wool, so called 'synthetic wool'. Molecular structure: acrylic on the internal structure of big points is very unique, irregular helical conformation, and there is no strict crystalline region, but has a high sequence arrangement and low sequence arrangement. Because of this structure make acrylic has good thermal elastic ( Can be processing bulk yarn) , acrylic density is small, smaller than wool, fabric warmth retention property is good. Features: sunlight resistance and weather resistance is very good, A) , moisture absorption is poor, dyeing. Pure acrylic fibers, due to the internal structure tightly, performance is poor, so by adding two, three monomers, to improve its performance, the second monomer to improve: elasticity and handle, three monomer to improve dyeing. USES: mainly used as civil, can be pure can be blended spinning, made from a variety of wool, wool, blankets, clothes can also be: artificial fur, plush, bulk yarn, hose, umbrella cloth, etc. Five, whalen ( Water soluble hygroscopic) : big characteristic is hygroscopic, good in synthetic fibre, so-called 'synthetic cotton'. Kam, polyester worse than strength, chemical stability is good, not resistant to strong acid, alkali resistance. Sunlight resistance and weather resistance is also very good, but it can't dry heat resistance and resistance to hot and humid, Shrinkage) Elastic, fabric wrinkle easily, dyeing is poorer, colour and lustre bright-coloured. Purpose: and cotton blended yarn, cloth, poplin, corduroy, underwear, sails, tarpaulins, packaging materials, denim, etc. Six, polypropylene fiber ( Light warm) : light fiber in polypropylene fiber is a common chemical fiber. It almost not hygroscopic, but has good capability of core absorption, high strength, made the fabric dimensional stability, abrasion resistance with good elasticity, good chemical stability. But: thermal stability is poor, not resistant to sunlight, easy to aging brittle damage. USES: can be hosiery, mosquito netting, quilt wadding, thermal filler, diapers, wet, etc. Industry: carpet, fishing nets, canvas, hose, belt on medicine instead of cotton cloth, sanitary products. Seven, spandex ( Elastic fibers) Poor: good elasticity, poor strength, moisture absorption, good light resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance.
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