The characteristics of the electric traction rope and use?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Electric traction rope can effectively improve the bearing high tensile steel. Its low elongation can effectively control the sag, under the circumstance of load defection, sag down as small as possible, ensure that censorship device and electric power line clearance distance meet the safety requirements. Electric traction rope good insulation and moisture proof performance can be guaranteed in the charged across the construction process of personal and equipment safety. Bundle sheath of electric traction rope is not affected by the wind vibration, there is no broken stocks and the influence of the strength reduction. Electric traction rope material is qualitative light, under the condition of equal intensity of breaking force, di nima weight per meter of rope was only 15% of the steel wire rope, use di nima rope is beneficial to the reduction of labor intensity, improve working efficiency. Electric traction rope good bending fatigue resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, uv protection and resistance to chemical corrosion resistance and other characteristics, is conducive to the cross ShiSheng with rope and rope and the connection between the guide rope must adopt the pit bend connector, convenient to construction. Shall not be used in the construction of small pressure di nima rope line, or with a hard knock di nima rope. In addition it is strictly prohibited in the process of traction grinding, only allowed on traction, otherwise it will cause sheathed with di nima like from the inside, and form the 'lantern', easy to break. In the process of traction, to slow exercise, and keep a certain tension, rope holding di nima rope should not exceed 500 ㎏, di nima leash guide rope should not exceed 1000 ㎏, block in the bottom of a ground should not be placed before grinding, if must be placed, should be far away from the ground grinding. When traction guidance cable will arrive pay-off block should immediately stop, open the small block, guide rope on the pulley groove, are not allowed to guide rope be out of tune too small block, such as di nima rope bending the connector, small block can go too small block must observe, and slow traction. When traction guide rope with electric traction rope, it is important to note that di nima rope racking, measures should be prepared, when installing rotary connector must be flexible and reliable. For the obstacles along the handle required by stringing construction work instructions. This method just put out the guide rope exhibition, especially live line, measures must be prepared, not a substitute for the wire rack, etc. , to attract attention. Inspection on electric traction rope before renting, particularly in the use process, because with the slower, you must check it designated persons, to have doubt or problem to handle in time, after use, also must return the rent check.
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