The characteristics of the safety rope and use the matters needing attention is what?

by:SanTong     2021-02-05
Strength, wear-resisting, durable, resistant to mildew, acid and alkali resistant, simple and portable. Directions for use: every time when using the safety rope, it is necessary to make an appearance inspection, in use process, also pay attention to see, in the half to one year to test time, with main unit shall not be damaged. If found to have damaged metamorphic situation to reflect in time and stop the use, in order to protect security operation. Safety rope before use must do a check, found damaged, stop using wear clip fasten the activity, not to be exposed to flame and chemicals. Safety rope often keep clean, after use properly stored, dirty usable soap and warm water after water washing to dry in the shade, do not soak in hot water or sunlight. Use a year later, to do a comprehensive inspection, and take use of 1% do tension test, with parts without damage or major deformation for qualified ( Smoke test shall not be used again) Safety rope is to prevent falling high homework personnel protective equipment. Because of the height of the fall is larger, the more is the impact of the big, therefore, safety rope must meet the following two basic conditions: ( 1) Must have sufficient strength to withstand the impact of the drop down when the body; ( 2) Can prevent the body to fall injury of a certain limit, That it should be in before this limit can pick up good body, who no longer fall down) 。 The conditions need to explain is that the human body by high falls down, such as more than a certain limit, even if people use rope pull, but because of their impact is too big, can produce the visceral injury and death. Therefore, the length of the rope can't be too long, to a certain limit. Safety rope usually review two strength index in strength, the tensile strength and impact strength. National standards require seat belts and the string of a tensile strength ( Ultimate tension) , must be greater than the human body weight falls to the direction of the longitudinal strain. Impact strength demand impact strength safety rope and accessories, must be able to withstand the impact of the human fall in the direction of falling. Usually, the size of the impact, mainly by the falling weight and falling distance ( The impact of distance) Decision and falling distance have close relationship with the length of the safety rope hanging rope. Hang cord length, big shock distance, the greater the impact also. Theoretical proof, the human body by 900 kg impact will be injured. Therefore, safety rope hanging rope length, on the premise of guarantee operation activities, to limit at short range. 5 - 3m。 5 n, is apart from the injuries wallop is bad about a third, to ensure safety.
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