The choice of the work high above the safety rope and maintenance

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Since is the safety rope, so it should be to ensure the safety when using, it's demand for various types of safety rope in the market now, so how do we choose?   First of all, we have to learn some basic performance of safety rope. Such as ribbon type safety rope should adopt high toughness, high strength fiber material such as silk, such as nylon, polyester, etc. ; If fiber cable safety rope rope is more strands of rope, the number of shares shall not be less than 3 shares; Wire rope safety rope twist, should be made from high strength steel wire and twist uniform, tight, loose; Chain safety rope should comply with the requirements of GB/T 20946.   Secondly, considering the safety rope performance metrics.   To the safety rope, of different materials in a variety of occasions with performance indicators that must be met.   European standard stipulated as fitting the safety rope length no more than 2 m, including buffer in the attachment. There is no buffer safety rope cannot be used for braking a fall. Ribbon type, fiber type safety rope, the minimum static tensile damage to 22 kn, the smallest static damage of metal type safety rope pulling force of 15 kn. The national standard about static tension is based on European standard and the classification for different assignments. Around the pole assignment with a safety rope and regional restrictions to various security requirements with the safety lanyard need in 15 kn guarantees no tear and breakage under static tension. Falling suspension with a safety rope is according to the difference between material have different static tension values. Ribbon type and fiber cable rope safety requirements under the static tension of 22 kn guarantee no tear and breakage, and the wire rope and chain safety rope requirement is 15 kn. Because textile material than metal materials are more likely to wear, so used to fall the suspension ribbon type, fiber type than wire rope safety rope, safety rope chain need more test, on the other hand, when choosing safety rope, the proposal should try to choose the famous brand.   Third, observe the appearance of the safety rope & have spent In terms of the appearance of the safety rope, we tend to check through the visual way. Ribbon type, fiber type safety rope cannot have incision tear, not the cable head fall off, can't from chemical corrosion, can't change color, etc. Wire rope, chain security rope cannot have fatigue crack, there can be no signs of rust.   In the end, but also pay attention to safety rope identification of some countries.   After all of these make sure, we can buy. The work high above the safety rope plays an incomparable role in the aerial work, because all aerial work is dangerous. To this end, we are using and maintenance of the work high above the safety rope puts forward higher requirements: & have spent 1, the product must conform to the ropes about the physical and mechanical properties requirements;   2, in order to ensure the safety shall not be used in high temperature place, the rope knot must not be used, each time you use should be tested for appearance inspection, found that damage to immediately stop use;   3, in strict accordance with the standard installation, when used with other equipment shall be installed under the guidance of certified personnel and the choice of the rope to match the actual pull force requirement, choose a special equipment for fixed, shall not be hasty installation;   4, for the first time when using the rope should be lying down, from the middle hole through put a rope in, roll away, do not disc casting safety rope; Should be paid attention to when put a rope, should put a rope slowly don't safety rope the entire dropping from the roof, otherwise it will damage the safety rope.   5, the safety rope before reuse, to do the load test, inspection qualified rear can continue to use, abnormal should be scrapped;   6, will the string stored in dry and ventilated warehouse, should often cleaning, unfavorable contact fire, acid, not collisions with sharp objects, not under the sun exposure.
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