The classification of polyester staple fiber and what your role is

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
With the economic globalization, market internationalization, and the development and progress of fiber technology, with a functional fiber materials by the people's attention and favor. People is higher and higher requirement for the properties of chemical fiber materials, not only pay more attention to the style of chemical fiber materials and textures, and pay more attention to the function of the chemical fiber material, once appeared to pursue the development trend of functional chemical fiber materials. In the face of such situation,? Engaged in chemical fiber raw? Enterprise more attention to the development of functional chemical fiber materials, compare to that of the natural fiber and transcend its function. Functional chemical fiber development, not only gives many special chemical fiber material features ─ such as water absorption, moisture absorption, waterproof, oil-repellent and anti-fouling, antibacterial, odor-proof, deodorant, aromatic, conductive, antistatic, flame retardant, heat insulation, Far infrared) , shielding ultraviolet, shielding of electromagnetic wave, etc. , but also to foster chemical fiber materials in terms of fabric style, handle and appearance at or above the natural fiber materials. Functional chemical fiber materials are high additional value, has a great potential for development of high-tech products, and has extensive product range. Polyester staple fiber abrasion resistance and is the most important characteristics of water absorbability, widely used in life and the industry, for the classification of polyester staple fiber is also very diverse, specific what? Now in the market of polyester staple fiber generally in three categories: large chemical fiber, chemical fiber, chemical fiber. Big chemical fiber: use PET slice spinning or melt direct spinning staple fiber. Good color, batch number is big, strong stability, less defect, good spinnability of chemical fiber: use off-grade PET slice spinning or combined with PET back. Price quality between root and small ( Some spinning factory mainly used for flow and blending more competitive) Small chemical fiber: use PET material spinning back. Price and quality and time not neat, suitable for export to some marketing and field quality requirement is not too high, Such as filling material, etc. ) In general, use slice spinning staple it little defect, fiber thickness uniformity, surface is smooth, feel is smooth, But will use short fiber, coarse generation by the difference between silicon and without silicon) Use hand pull, slice spinning strength compared commonly good, batch number, without off color, uniform physical indicators. General small chemical fiber production, or use of renewable raw materials to produce the short fiber batch number is small, the same algebraic feel is not as good as those big chemical fiber ( Except the treated) Defect, the occasional uneven thickness, super times as long as the general objective existence, conventional reworked material physical indicators is a bit poor.
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