The comparison between shallow of polyamide fiber and polyester fiber cable

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Cable due to its various ultra superior performance, can be used in full. High quality of the tow rope, high strength and pulling on the rope. High strength, light weight, easy to operate. Although one-time investment is higher, but as long as the cord to maintain proper, its service life is 2 - other cable Three times. Used in fishing and coastal industrial heavy duty rope. Sea waterlogging system, rescue system, offshore oil platform system, embedded anchor, anchor and mooring line, Marine seismic survey, submarine cable, sailing boat with a sail, sail foot line, the halyard, sail rope, twine, gliding cable, umbrella rope, climbing rope, sail ropes, shooting with the bowstring, etc. Navy with rope, rigging, paratroops cable and other sail ropes, with an umbrella, a helicopter sling, save and army troops and armored forces, a variety of sail, motor with strong ropes, due to its high strength, small diameter, light weight and easy to carry and operate, in many ways are suitable for the safety rope for synthetic fiber braid, he is people work, play a double protection. Common safety rope is made from polyamide more, while polyester fiber is the commodity name of polyester fiber, PET abbreviations. Nylon polyamide fiber commodity name, abbreviations PA, main varieties of nylon 6 and nylon 66, its physical performance is similar, the commodity name transliteration of 'nylon'. Where is the difference between these two kinds of safety rope? Similarities in the first place with both in chemical fiber synthetic fiber; High strength, good wear resistance; Widely used in cloth clothing and industrial purposes; But poor permeability, wearing a sultry uncomfortable, easy to produce static electricity. Differences between 1 and the proportion of different. Polyester one. 38, polyamide 1. 142, the polyester fabric is not easy to wrinkle, and crisp, good dimensional stability, good conformal. Polyamide conformal sex is not good, no polyester crisp, easy to deformation. 3, polyester melting point 260 ℃, ironing temperature at 180 ℃. Polyamide fiber heat resistance is not good enough, ironing temperature should be controlled under 140 ℃, low temperature resistant performance is good. 4, polyamide fiber with high intensity, good elastic resilience, good wear resistance, moisture absorption and dyeing are better than polyester. 5, polyamide fiber weaving feel is smooth, the surface glossiness is higher. Material in sportswear, swimwear, clothing, socks. 6, polyester weather resistant, acid and alkali not. Polyamide fiber alkaline not acid, light fastness is not good, long-term exposure to the sunlight fiber strength will decline, the color yellow. 7, polyester fiber is one of the world's largest synthetic fiber production. Polyester fabric is mainly knit shirt, overalls, warp knitting accessories, curtain, etc. , emulation silk, wool-like, such as imitation hemp, xumian with too many. Polyester staple yarn with cotton, wool, linen, viscose blended yarn, such as the fabric is kept polyester fast, wear-resisting, crisp, easy to collection etc, and both natural fiber, moisture absorption, heat preservation, less static electricity, etc.
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