The concrete treatment method to the terminal mooring rope

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
This program is suitable for the terminal mooring rope to fracture ( Anchor) At the time of the emergency. Emergency procedures during the normal discharge operations, such as found signs of fracture of the mooring rope, post personnel to stop a cable cut production run, and immediately take the following measures: & have spent 1, terminal operation, emergency and immediately the ship personnel ( Or shipping agent) Quickly contact, inform the cable to break. 2, to carry radios to the storage tank area workers inform mooring rope will break, please waiting for unloading oil stopped. 3, monitor immediately report to the director of the finished details. 4, terminal operation personnel on board, please immediately stop unloading, close the emergency cut-off valve, valve closed port into the shipment. 5, please ship personnel pipeline purging, prepare for emergency line removal. 6, chief officer, captain report on board the tanker steady, and prepare the new cable. 7, quickly assembled, director of the emergency rescue team, in the protective gear, docks collection quickly, the rescue team is on standby at the scene. 8, monitor dispatch personnel to prepare hose down at any time. 9, monitor the other send personnel to take out a good spare hose to the wharf. 10, director of the finished, the monitor and rescue team members cooperate to shore and personnel on board. ( 1) The hull steady; ( 2) Cooperate with ( SpareLine) Mooring operation again; ( 3) The boat can't hold down the tube operations. 11, the hull is stationary, mooring and reliable, do the following work: ( 1) The ship and shore hose is the rope net no fracture damage, caused by the hull from the hose must be replaced; ( 2) The ship hull chief commands and anchored along the shore, immediately reconnect the discharge pipe. 12, all the abnormal rule out after, and then according to normal procedure monitor with intercom inform tank farm workers prepare for unloading, internal personnel are strictly prohibited in the cable operation Angle, in case of broken and personnel.   13, resume normal discharge operations. 14, scheduling and personnel on board and shipping personnel to check the main reason of the mooring rope fracture, strict requirements on board director to improve, and write report notice ship company and the owner, agent and cooperate to claim for compensation according to the actual loss by notary unit, signed the agreement.
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