The functional difference for different bundling rope is introduced

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Strapping extrusion blow molding technology on line production, to squeeze aggregate into tubes, the blowing cooling, cutting drawing, winding, stretching into double film piece ball. Banding material for drawing grade polypropylene rope, sometimes polyethylene in alternative. Bundling rope is a novel strapping material, able to adapt to the needs of various industries. Generally used for manual banding, must be low gram, strong tension, length, width and tidy enough, soft degree preferred. From the appearance can be divided into two kinds of tape, plane and foaming. Flat belt is the belt itself no lines, smooth as a mirror. And the so-called foaming is belt surface has grain, extension of winding up and fluffy. Plane tear with domestic manufacturer most production, foam type, because of higher technology content, only a few foreign from Japan, Taiwan's technology to production. Foam type is very popular in developed countries, mainly because it has good soft, feel is good, strong tension, low gram, can decrease the cost of consumables, believe in the near future, the domestic market will flourish. Performance and features: the product with high density polyethylene resin as the main raw material and has high strength, light weight, colorful, resistant to moisture, non-toxic, tasteless, acid and alkali resistant, etc. Specification: width: 25 ~ 50 mm thickness ( Double disc) : 0. 04±0. 01 mm scope of application: this product can replace paper twine, jute, Manila, and can be used in weaving nets, hand basket, bag and all kinds of ropes, also can be used as plastic greenhouses within the article. Bundling rope can be seen everywhere in daily life, then what are the functional difference between different bundling rope: the significant characteristic of polyester cord is economical and practical, simple and easy to manipulate and easy care, on the outside of the chemical fiber sling has absolute superiority. Major in acid or request is practical when small extension rate, as well as the usual acid and thermal bleach has no effect on it nearly, but not suitable for concentrated sulfuric acid, alkali and - 40℃- Using 100 ℃, the temperature of the scale, and even extended polyester on Christmas things degrees of about 3% ( Not processed) 。   Nearly any acid, alkali, no absence made polypropylene, polypropylene fiber high strength's ability to resist chemical conditions, the preferred product in the chemical conditions, using the temperature scale - 4℃-阿 8O℃。 Can have a certain suspension in the water, is mainly in the Marine cable category and the widely use of pickling industry.   Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber material has excellent comprehensive function, its density is less than 1, the strength is the highest in the world today, is a good steel 15 times. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber is a kind of water resistant, resistant to moisture, resistant to most chemicals corrosion, high degree of crystallinity of chemical fiber, in the salty water, salt water or moisture swelling or hydrolysis. Have good fatigue resistance and wear resistance, using temperature in - Between 150 ℃ to 70 ℃, short-term bare formed under the condition of low temperature not serious function is low. Nylon is one of the most widely used material in daily life, because nylon has good flexibility and elongation, are widely used in start rope, climbing rope, etc. With the occasion of the body fight than usual, it is not affected by oil, kerosene, and the strong alkali, ether and aldehydes have strong chemical resist force, but is not suitable for use in acid, bleach and - 40℃- Using 100 ℃, the temperature of the scale, nylon on peace force, the extension is about 6 - 8%, and if be affected with damp be affected with damp, strong will lose over 10%.
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