The main performance characteristics of synthetic fiber cable manufacturer

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
1, polyester fiber, synthetic fiber yield the highest in the first big variety. Structure and performance: the structure form is determined by the jet hole, conventional polyester fiber cross section is round, no lumen. Macromolecular crystallinity, orientation degree is high, so high fiber strength ( 20 times that of viscose fiber) Good elasticity, not easy corrugate, crisp conformal sex good, good resistance to light, heat, washing, quick dry wash and wear, wash and wear performance is good. Polyester to general chemical performance is stable, acid, but without strong alkali high wet processing, using the properties of polyester processing, fiber surface corrosion, weight, fineness and can produce silk style ( The emulation silk one way) , this method is called the alkali deweighting treatment polyester fibers, moisture absorption performance is very poor, poor permeability, absorb sweat, wearing a hot feeling, at the same time, its dyeing property is poor, also need to use special dye or equipment technological conditions, dyeing under high humidity and high pressure, to improve its dyeing property, currently on the market for CDP, if want to improve the serviceability of polyester, polyester fiber and other natural fiber ( Such as cotton) Or regenerated cellulose fibers ( Such as viscose) Such as blended. 2, polyamide fiber: ( China's commodity name) Was the first born of synthetic fiber, varieties have nylon 6, nylon 66; And polyester fiber, and other brand name, American goods is called ( Nylon) Nylon, Japan's commodity called ( 聚酰胺纤维) Nylon. Our country is given priority to with nylon 6, the dyeing performance is better than that of nylon 66. Polyamide fiber longitudinal straight smooth, cross section can be circular or other shapes. The most prominent feature of polyamide is excellent abrasion resistance, More than 10 times the cotton fiber) The strength and elasticity is very good. Therefore has excellent durability, commonly used to make the socks, ropes, the proportion of less than polyester fiber, such as so wearing light, polyamide fiber moisture absorption is poor, and have good performance of waterproof and windproof, suitable for mountaineering wear, parachute, the trench coat. Due to the moisture regain is small, poor hygroscopicity, fabric easily electrostatic and have hot feeling, but after the modification and other fibre blended its performance has been a great improvement. 3, acrylic, acrylic with short fiber is given priority to, because like wool, reason has 'artificial wool,' said. Acrylic has unique thermal extensibility, applicable to the production of bulk yarn, yarn, knitted fabric and artificial fur products. Acrylic fibre soft plump, easy dyeing, bright color. Elastic than wool, polyester fiber, especially after repeatedly stretched, residual deformation. So use acrylic to make clothes sleeve, sleeveless top easy deformation. Acrylic hygroscopicity below polyamide, easy to produce static and pilling. Acrylic low thermal conductivity, light texture, so the warmth retention property good, excellent resistance to sunlight at the same time, insect-resistant eat by moth and mildew, widely used in knitting clothing. 4, polypropylene fiber, abundant raw material sources, low cost, simple production technology, rapid development. Polypropylene is characterized by low proportion, biggest is lighter than water, It's 3/5 of cotton fiber) , it is the lightest of fiber. Products are of medium elasticity and resilience, not easy corrugate, not the ball. Polypropylene fiber dyeing difficulties, generally for dope dyed, poor hygroscopicity of the polypropylene fiber, but the polypropylene with strong core role in absorption, water vapor can be ruled out by the capillary in fiber, made clothing, its comfort, especially polypropylene superfine fibers, due to the increased surface area, faster delivery, sweat to keep skin comfort. Polypropylene fiber light fastness, resistance to bask in special poor, aging, heat resistance is poor, above 100 ℃ began to shrink. 5, Spandex, is a kind of high elastic fiber, international commodity name Spandex, this kind of fiber was born in 1959 in the United States dupont company, named as Lycra ( Lycra) 。 The elasticity of spandex is higher than other fibers, large deformation capacity, elastic recovery performance is good, when 500% elongation recovery rate was 90%, and can be dyed various colors, feel is smooth, small ravine of wet sex, strength is lower than the average fiber, light and soft, good acid and alkali, optical, general rarely directly using the bare wire, often with spandex as the core, with cotton, wool, silk, polyester, nylon, etc. Into core-spun yarn and the wrapped yarn, woven elastic fabric, fabric soft, comfortable and fit stick put oneself in another's position, and extends, is freely application is very wide, containing only a small amount of spandex fabric, 3% ~ 5%) , it can obviously improve the fabric elastic recovery ability. 6, whalen: less application in clothing, in industry application is more, the fabric looks and feels like cotton, elastic than polyester and other synthetic fibers, fabric wrinkle easily, dyeing performance is poorer, but the moisture resistance than other synthetic fibers, and the proportion of smaller thermal conductivity coefficient, wear to keep warm, light intensity and wear-resisting performance is good, have excellent chemical resistance, resistance to sunlight, sea water performance.
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