The maintenance of sailing boat rope is analysed

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Passion and speed sailing popular with all ages people. During the process of sailing, sailing the stand or fall of cable is crucial for the result of the game. But in the competition of escort sailing line should be how to proceed with the maintenance? Sailing line maintenance: polyester rope has the very good UV resistant, general life for five years, if maintain good live longer. Many rope line on the market at present is polyester material, every one rope for di nima or aramid fibers. Once the rope leather wear or cut, the service life of the rope will shorten to about a year. Therefore, the rope leather rope is important to protect shell. Experts suggest that every time after the match, with a clear water is rinsed thoroughly ropes, and natural dry in ventilated place, In the sun exposure of avoid by all means! ) 。 Otherwise, attached to the rope of seawater when dry, will become the salt crystals in the rope inside, when the rope on the job, salt can and rope inside fiber friction, its organization, damage the rope. When raising sail before, in addition to sail rigging ( 支索帆/洋基/洋基) Before, there are sails sail Angle after two ropes - — Headsail accused of rigging ( Or sail before rising rope) ( 臂板) 。 The rope is put in the tank at ordinary times ( Has been in on the sails sail before except) , and use it every time you take out from the tank. Two former sail rigging a single set of knot before lashing together to sail sail Angle, after another head respectively through the port/starboard deck after the slippery course of pulley to corresponding winch early, with a figure of eight knot rope knot, prevent slippage. Before this two sails accused of rigging when a force, the other in a relatively relaxed state, and vice versa.     Before the sail after adjust, can put the two rope and straighten out after good, avoid the deck with the rope, action inconvenience.     Aft, therefore, check the rope on through 13 rope, usually only to eight root, if after the mainsail lasso ( OUTHAUL) Count is 9 rope, the rest 4 rope only to rise the ball in a sail or sails when used.     Mainsail sail rope to lower the time may be tightening, so in the raising of the mainsail when need to open the rope tied, the mainsail won't be able to rise to.     Knowledge about sailing on the string function is easy to cooperate with the purpose of the operation, to avoid in the process of litres of sail hurry-scurry, at a loss.     A first-time sailing of the National People's Congress are expected to himself at the helm, looking for harness the feeling of sailing. With the understanding of sailing, start looking for opportunity with the crank rotation winch, forcibly pull on the rope, feel the power of the wind. For the sailing on the rope knot tend to be ignored.
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