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by:SanTong     2020-06-22
The multi-tiered event held every year over the harbour adopts a new theme each year with apt celebrations and has an audience of over 1.5 million people. Artist, designer and guitarist of Australian rock band, Mental As Anything and Dog Trumpet, Reg Mombassa has been signed up to represent this year's New Year's Eve 2013 celebrations. The theme selected is 'Shine' with Eye as the logo. Reg, the ambassador for the NYE '13 says, 'The eye struck me as a suitable logo for the Shine theme as the individual soul and personality of the human shines through the eye like some organic laser beam'. The New Year's Eve is planned and prepared much in advance, mostly as soon as the previous year's celebrations are over. With about a year's time of organizing, the events are eagerly awaited by both Sydney-siders as well as the entire world. The mainly featured show is the amazing fireworks display with Sydney Harbour Bridge as a backdrop, itself. Two popular displays, '9pm Family Fireworks' and the 'Midnight Fireworks' will be presented. The former show, as the name suggests, targets families and children who wish to retire home early, follows the 'Indigenous Smoking Ceremony' where an Aboriginal ceremony is performed to purify the Harbour of past negative spirits and prepare for a reformed new year in advance. The keenly anticipated Midnight Fireworks begins with greater ardour synchronized with soundtracks and fireworks setting off from rooftops, city buildings, barges and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The finale is where the entire fascination lies. Further attractions are the 'Bridge Effect' and the 'Harbour of Light Parade' sailing from Cockatoo Island in the west to Clark Island in the east. The Bridge effect demonstrates the lightings exhibited on the Harbour Bridge made of rope lights depicting images linked to the theme of the year. The Harbor of Light Parade presents cruisers adorned with multicolored fairy lights. You can get ringside seats to this passionate event with a luxurious dinner cruise on the Harbour from Sydney's leading New Year's Eve cruise operators- the classic Magistic Cruises, the entertaining Sydney Showboats, the enchanted Harbour Ballroom or the luxury catamaran Simply Magistic. The large outdoor decks give you the luxury and comfort to watch the fireworks. You also have an exclusive opportunity to be a part of the Harbor of Light Parade since these boats are chosen for the Parade every year since 1999, and given entrance to the Harbor exclusion zone for prime viewing of the fireworks. Enjoy fine dining with a choice of drinks and in-house DJ and music. Sydney, encompassed in the mesmerizing waters of the Sydney Harbor, endless coastlines and golden sandy beaches, where else would be the perfect place to enjoy the NYE 2013-2014 celebrations in its full splendor! Websites:
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