The nature of Marine ropes characteristics and operating temperature

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Marine ropes can effectively improve the bearing high tensile steel. Its low elongation can effectively control the sag, under the circumstance of load defection, sag down as small as possible, ensure that censorship device and electric power line clearance distance meet the safety requirements. Marine rope good insulation and moisture proof performance can be guaranteed in the charged across the construction process of personal and equipment safety. Bundle sheath of Marine rope is not affected by the wind vibration, there is no broken stocks and the influence of the strength reduction. Marine ropes material is qualitative light, under the condition of equal intensity of breaking force, Marine rope weight per meter only 15% of the steel wire rope, the use of Marine ropes is beneficial to the reduction of labor intensity, improve working efficiency. Marine rope good resistance to bending fatigue resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, uv protection and resistance to chemical corrosion resistance and other characteristics, is conducive to recycling in the crossing construction. Marine rope main performance: light weight, float on the surface of the water, lighter than the same diameter of steel wire rope, 87. About 5%. The intensity of the highest in the world, than the equivalent diameter and high strength steel wire rope. About five times. Excellent durability and resistance to sea water, chemicals, is repeatedly, ultraviolet radiation and temperature difference using the same quality. Easy operation, fast, use safety, operation time is short, such as the army under certain circumstances, ability of fast mobile warfare. Super wear-resistant, resistant to wear and tear, The best of all plastic wear-resisting) , low coefficient of friction ( After PTFE) Super low temperature resistant, - liquid helium temperature Under the condition of 269 ℃, can remain useful impact resistance, toughness and ductility, without fracture) Low density, light weight, Density less than water, & lt; 1 g/cm3) Low water imbibition physiological inert ( Most of the level can be used in contact with the food) Comply with the FDA certification moderate mechanical strength, rigidity, good creep resistance and excellent machining performance superior corrosion resistance, resistant to chemicals used in the high-energy radiation resistance ( γ- 雷,X - ray) Good performance. Working temperature: a wide range of cold heat resistance: it's in - 60 ° C cases can keep a certain mechanical strength and heat resistance temperature - in 80 100.
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