The nautical theme is an easy look for men to

by:SanTong     2020-06-27
Timeless classic This theme appears time and time again. It undergoes many incarnations but nevertheless, is still a firm favourite with both men and women. There is something about the combination of blue and white or red and white which looks cool, crisp and modern. Try pairing a blue and white striped Breton fisherman's jersey with crisp white trousers and a pair of navy deck shoes for the 'have-yacht' look. Or why not wear a pair of heavyweight chinos with a thick, cable knit sweater and boots for the returning seafarer look. The aim is to mix and match stripes and bold colours. Blue and white are timeless favourites but try blending red and blue together and add a touch of white if you want to look patriotic as well. Jolly jack tar Men like the cool, lightweight fabrics and easy, relaxed fit. Choose a pair of three quarter length navy blue cotton chinos and a striped t-shirt to look cool and summery: or a pair of straight leg jeans, crisp white shirt and navy blazer if you want to cut a dash amongst the gin and tonic set. There is the option to wear a navy military cut jacket with brass buttons and decoration for a smarter, classier look. Avoid wearing it with a peaked cap though unless you are a member of the Royal Navy. Sailor girl Women also enjoy the clean lines and bold colour combinations. Anything striped will do such as t-shirts, blouses, tops and jackets. Choose jackets with nautical decoration such as anchors or rope work. Mix together stripes with plain colours, for example a blue and white striped cardigan over a red vest top and white, wide legged trousers. Or combine a pair of navy and white shorts with a brass buttoned cardigan and espadrilles. Keeping it ship shape The key to this look is fresh, clean and simple. Avoid fussy decorations or over-layering. Blend sailor stripes with yacht club glamour or add brass buttons to a navy suit for a nautical twist. Your choices range from deckhand through to French Riviera style depending upon your mood. A word of warning: avoid the pirate look unless you are going to a fancy dress party.
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