The perfect family autumnal weekend in the UK

by:SanTong     2020-06-05
London. It is the first place that comes to mind, mostly because of the renowned of the Royal Family. You can visit Buckingham Palace, take a picture next to the Big Ben and view the Tower of London. London also holds many unique pubs and quaint, old-fashioned shops. The Churchill War Rooms is something that everyone will enjoy; these rooms were the operational centre of the British High Command during World War II. Edinburgh. This is a great city to spend the weekend, particularly during their celebration of Hogmaney. Hogmaney is a celebration of the New Year that lasts for several days. There is a huge street festival, lots of homemade dining on the streets and many live musicians that perform during the festival. There are fireworks at the end of the day. It is a lively, spirited celebration with a history that dates back for thousands of years. Arthur's Seat is the remains of an extinct volcano, the Royal Botanic Garden is a beautiful landscape to visit and so is the Scott Monument, a memorial to the famed Scottish poet, Walter Scott. Dublin. Ireland is magical. For the weekend, there is no place where you can get more time for your money. The history of the area is very rich, and you will find that the National Botanic Gardens and the array of museums that are located within the city is a quick, easy way to get a feel for the local history and culture. There are also many castles to visit in the surrounding areas, as well as castles that are designed to function as entertainment. The Secret Castle of Magic at the Vaults is a large, medieval show that showcase mystery, comedy and magic! North Yorkshire. in England is the perfect way to experience fall colours in full swing. Log Heights is an outdoor adventure with everything from rope courses to walking trails. It will allow you to view the beauty of the autumnal season in all its glory. Fountains Abbey and the Studley Royal River Garden are both botanical and landscaping beauties, as is the Minster Falconry. The National Railroad Museum is a great place for railroad buffs and children to spend the day. The Ripon Cathedral is also a lovely piece of architecture and history that you and your family will enjoy taking a look at. North Wales. Visit the incredible castles, museums and gardens here. Children will enjoy visiting the Angelsay Zoo, as well. You can view beautiful lighthouses at the site of South Stack Lighthouse. The UK has countless attractions for you to enjoy some fantastic family weekend breaks.
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