The performance characteristics of polyamide multifilament cable and what is it used for?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
The cable varieties have nylon multifilament ( Line) Rope, polypropylene filament ( Line) , polypropylene, polyester, polypropylene fiber/polyester blended products. Its product applicability is wide and has high strength, low elongation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, softness is smooth, easy operation, etc. At the same time can produce anti-static special rope, etc. Cable manufacturers are usually made of gray twine length is 6 meters, weight to 0. 15 kg, resistant to pull is greater than he tied rope, faults perishable, and cost is higher. To judge whether the three strands of rope, three strands twisted rope standard is divided into three indexes: the condition of a, twist or Marine rope yarn is the same as the two section produce nylon wire twisting winding number, expressed in the number of twist within per unit length, called a twist. Second, the twist Angle of Marine cable are used to measure twist Angle of different thicknesses of yarn twisting. To have become a cylindrical spiral bus after twisting, pitch for L, the pitch of helix unfolds for right Angle triangle. Spiral in office a little perspective of tangent with the axis into beta, referred to as the Angle of twist. Three, twist twist, a point on the Marine cable line section in the unit length of period of the arc length is called twist. Marine cable in the maintenance of using the rope, the use of maintenance need notices of the process, of course, especially pay attention to: the rope can't stand the heat, not long-term exposure, not on the inside of acid corrosion, of course also cannot put in dangling in the trunk. The cleanness of the rope and the use of all the fish in clean water washing. The material of polyester fiber cable material a little bit better than polypropylene rope, appearance is very smooth, mainly have the effect very much wear, but also has faults, defects are: the weight of the polyester fiber cable is bigger, is not very convenient in operation. Belongs to Marine cable molecular weight polyethylene (uhmwpe) cable for high-grade material, and high breaking lee, the superior comprehensive performance of a fiber cable. In many fields can be used, for example, can be used in body armour.
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