The performance of the high molecular weight polyethylene cable line and classification

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene cables are widely used in maritime salvage, defense vessel, shipbuilding, offshore, ship mooring, etc.     Due to the high molecular weight ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, with its manufacturing fiber precursor ratio is far from the best theoretical value. Made from the fiber rope in the role of larry repeatedly, with the increase of the fiber drawing ratio and tensile strength of rope is increasing gradually. Is does not have other material rope magic properties. By the experiment and use of the actual test, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene range has excellent tensile fatigue performance. The classification of the cable, according to the weaving process can be divided into: three strands of rope, six strands of rope, rope, twelve strands of rope for public, 16 strands of rope, 24 strands of rope, double braided rope, etc. Second, according to the raw materials can be divided into: polypropylene filament yarn rope, polypropylene rope, polyester filament rope, nylon multifilament string ( Nylon rope) Whalen, rope, string, aramid cord, molecular weight polyethylene (uhmwpe) sword hemp rope, Manila rope, tabby rope, etc. Three, according to use can be divided into: Marine cable, power cord, industrial process lines, fire lines, military line, mountaineering,, halyard, tow rope, safety rope, traction rope, etc. Ship the cable in addition to the proportion of lightweight, high strength, impact resistance and wearability, have advantages of corrosion resistance, resistance to mildew, bug eat by moth. Such as nylon rope strength and wear resistance of several times more than linen, cotton rope, polypropylene rope specific gravity less than water, can float on the surface of the water, easy to operate security. Chemical fiber cable according to the processing structure into three strands, strand twist twisted rope and 8 strands, strand twisted rope. 3 cable generally 4 ~ 50 mm diameter, 8 cable generally 35 ~ 120 mm diameter. Chemical fiber rope except for ship's mooring, also widely used in industrial, mining, transportation, sports and fishing, etc.
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