The rope cable application and points for attention in outdoor activities

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Used in the field of the knot, because often is climbing a mountain, or a salvage operation of the tool, so more should pay attention to safety first. Here just name a few aspects need to pay attention to when using the rope: fixed - selling on the market at the end of the rope mountaineering while all has been processed, but if you want to meter selling for the unit length of rope cut into the appropriate use, must be the end of the string to be fixed. If you neglect it, rope out in the end may be in use in danger. Check before use rope - have scars, or is the rope knot happens may rupture during use, so must be checked before use, if you have any present situation, how to recover. Don't dirty rope -- smudgy is a major cause of lead to rope degradation, also can make the intensity variation. In the wild, don't put the string directly in the ground, be careful not to let and oil adhesion to the rope. In addition, after the use, must will be stained with dirt disposed of on the rope. Don't trample rope, rope is often caused by trampled scars or degradation, in addition, if such as small stones ran into the rope inside, so when the weight also may have the risk of fracture. Especially in the winter in the mountains, and if the spear on the shoes stepped on it will not use any more. When climbing, also often unknowingly stepped on mountaineering, that also please pay attention to more. Don't get wet ropes ropes -- even waterproof processing, also should avoid to wet in the easy to the rope under the condition of use, because the water absorption of the rope not only heavy, and easy to slide, very difficult to use. Understand the cord the safe use of weight - cable can bear the weight of the determined by the thickness, material, conditions of use, and so on and so forth, when buying a rope, must tell the clerk purpose, then choose enough to bear the weight of the use safety ropes. Like a general on the market of selling 10 ~ 11 cm thick mountaineering, even for must bear the weight of the body condition, can be at ease of use. Don't let the rope in contact with sharp objects -- when the rope touch rock edges sharp items at the same time bear a heavier burden, increase the risk of the rope fracture. Now, for mountaineering established safety guidelines, under this situation, the absolute ban the use of mountaineering or rope. You must really, need a towel to protect it, such as to avoid the rope direct contact with sharp objects. Don't all of a sudden increase in rope - do the rope will be the resulting scars, even if sometimes don't see the surface, but internal may have broken. So, need to pay attention to try not to make too much rope under load. Don't borrowed to the ropes -- than don't know what has been used in the condition of the rope is more dangerous. Because if unwittingly use under the condition of the cords like used to bear the weight of a sudden, so the rope has the possibility of cracking. So, absolutely avoid borrowed from others have used the rope, or will lend their own rope. In a formal outdoor rock climbing competition, it is not allowed to rope with ring connected with each other, in addition to using it and do vice protection rarely make mutual friction between the rope, but in the wild, gait may carry with seat belt, rope drop down gear, but this time not to match the standards of requirements, you need to use simple equipment to the greatest extent in the harsh environment to protect their own safety. More than 8 mm diameter mountaineering usually hard texture, when doing the vice protect the knot and with ring is not easy, but in an emergency, you can remove the mountaineering wear layer, take the inside of the fiber protection line. Diameter of 8 mm below the rope as auxiliary line, usually used for knotting, usually using auxiliary line 6 mm in diameter, the texture is soft, as cable with enough protection. Sling is a better choice, sling is soft, easy to make all kinds of protection, relatively hip, making protection line don't have the feeling of le. Protection cable can avoid you in need of rope security truncation lifeline, line not only can protect your security, in the tent, the knot is also very practical. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you take a few auxiliary rope or sling used with the main line. Each kind of knot, ring connection and use is very flexible, can let you in no protector, safety belt far away. and other professional climbing protection equipment, is very effective and safely protect you through the danger area. Had better not too big, interconnected ring with five to ten centimeters in diameter. At the time of sudden impact force, impact can shorten distance, thereby reducing wallop. Actual with ring, a lot of people difficult to grasp the scale, it can only rely on their own practice. If skilled enough to close your eyes will be able to bear play good, then you took a step towards the road to the strong survive.
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