The safe use of Marine ropes little common sense

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
On a rope knot can destroy the fiber material, so that will consume the rope more than 30% of the original. In order to prevent knot, before anchoring, dock or drag and drop ship please coiled the rope. Three twisted rope must be clockwise swirl, before down each ring, bending a quarter of the wrist to the right. Doing so can prevent knot, smooth and makes the ring. Clockwise swirl double braided rope, don't need the last bend wrist this step. In fencing, lifeline, or guardrail post when the single set of knot of lateral sliding, this will cause the rope excessive friction losses. Many very secure knot, such as double turn double half hitch will be around a circle. This extra lap can grasp a fence or attachments as stern of resettlement, keep the knot is in serious friction and reduce the rope. Before you make the knot, always one complete circle around the extra. To untie this knot and a single set of knot knot can back and forth through the activities, the constant tension and relaxation can make its loose, or automatic release. This can lead to a dangerous situation. You know you can use the loose a square knot under the 19? Compared with double bend requires 36 can be loose. In addition, need only 3 under grandmother junctions can be loose! If you can, choose a kind of hard to loose knot, such as those winding circle or double knot to maintain security knot. A double knot around the top of the wrapped around a circle, the more secure knot are two laps around the top of the coil. Loose single bend ( 22) Than double bend ( 36) Much more quickly. Don't always take time to loose knot, you should use the more common methods in five seconds to make your knot more firmly. Using these security tight consolidation can help you with the perfect knot. A knot rope need far more than you can imagine, this needs you have enough rope to add any additional security tight consolidation: & have spent       High security: add one and a half buckle knot & have spent       High security: add two and a half buckle knot using these sailing knot secret to give impetus to, at the same time increase your selected knot of security. So I can get the ropes better use performance, prolong its life and save money in sailing season. Information source: Marine rope maker sichuan cable technology co. , LTD. Jiangsu ointment
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