The structure of the use of climbing rope is what?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Cable is life in the rock climbing. Maintain good your cords, it will be a good thank you. Although a bit alarmist, but it's the truth. Climb mountains, cliffs of nature is the activity of all rock climber hobby, but unknown various would threaten our enron, intended to maintain good our rope? In no moment of application, the rope should be kept in a cool and dry place, avoid by all means sun, the structure of the cable, it will make change, accelerated aging, will lead to danger! If dirty rope for various reasons, need cleaning, be sure to keep in mind, application of water, it is forbidden to apply detergent. All the fibre of city has its own application. The rope is no exception. Under normal application, the service life of the rope is 3 - 5 years, in the invention of the rope to fine or harden, explain the structure of the rope has been changed, should stop the application. Rock climbing as under the first young man, like sports enthusiasts, its important stimulation process, as well as the joy after the summit to let a person can Sue. In the process of climbing, enron problem is first. Then, climbing ropes are made of what? In the application and what skills? Climbing rope is made up of rope and rope. Rope core is composed of nylon fiber, is the main mechanical parts; Ropes used to protect a rope. According to the purpose, is divided into two categories: power cord and static rope. Static rope ductility approximate 0, cannot be absorbed by expansion momentum, generally is used as a line cord, commonly used in drilling hole, wading, basic is not used for climbing, especially not protect rope as below. Static ropes are mostly white, even color, also are monochrome; Power cord can scale absorption loss of momentum, especially for below protect autocracy, in power falling possibility of project, must use the power cord, such as rock climbing, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, power cord is to spend more on the rope.
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