The use of cable manufacturer for aerial work safety rope method is introduced

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Safety cable is used to protect high altitude and high homework personnel to one of the important personal safety protective equipment, the proper use of safety rope is to prevent the air staff high drop casualty accidents, one of the important measures to ensure the personal safety, thus understand the correct way of using the safety rope, to protect the staff personal safety is of great significance. How to use the safety rope? A, 1, the correct way of using the safety rope to escape the rope or escape ladder at one end fixed on solid objects, on the other side hang buckle on the belt or wrapped around the waist, fasten safety hook, and threw life-saving rope down the window to the downstairs. 2, wear protective gloves, holding the rope belt, hooked on the windowsill, left side left pedal and blunt, treats people smoothly, left foot out of the window. 3, legs slightly curved, two foot pedal force of metope at the same time, his arms out straight and your hands slightly loose, below the eyes gaze, along the life-saving rope slide. 4, when the fast close to the ground, his right arm bend forward, tighten the rope winding that his legs, two on tippy toes.   Second, the safety rope adopts the structure of what? Safety rope requires greater than 16 mm in diameter, diameter along the full length without uneven uneven, the twist unevenness, strength, kink, etc. , and easy processing, has the economy. Often used in structure are: 1, three strands of rope ( Three strands of nine flower rope) With rope twist in the opposite direction: the three strands of twisting, this is not changing the twist and twist rope one way.   2, four strands of rope ( Single rope four strands of rope) With four strands of thread, the clip has a core line, under the condition of deformation twist synthetic rope. This rope peripheral than three strands of rope is akin to round, don't clip when making a string into the core wire.   3, spend rope: three strands of rope as the thread, then twist synthetic rope, but is now rarely used.   4, 6 strands of rope: six strand in the clip into the core of the same diameter with and twisting, and steel wire of the same structure. But all with fiber, use will be out of shape, so seldom use this method.   5, braided rope, with the number of the same root S twist and Z, stranding line with the direction of rope long into a diagonal cross compiling. Compared with the twisting or rope, with no kink, not easy opening at the end of the rope. Three, hand the level of the safety rope set requirements & have spent 1, safety rope walking level appropriate USES fiber core with a plastic sleeve 6 x 37 + 1 wire rope, its technical performance should be consistent with GBll02 strands wire rope the circle, and the production license and products quality certificate. 2, on both ends of the wire rope should be fixed on the solid and reliable structure, winding shall not be less than 2 rounds in architecture, and architecture contact at the edges and corners should be cushioned.   3, the wire rope end fixed connection should use rope card ( Also called wire rope clip) , line card holder should be in one end of the wire rope kowtow, rope card number should be not less than three, rope card spacing should be not less than 6 times the diameter of the wire rope; Safety clamp installed in about 500 mm from the last chuck, rope head should be released after a safe corner again with the main rope clamp.   4, wire rope fixed height should be 1. 1 ~ 1. 4m; 2 m per interval should be set a fixed point; After the wire rope fixed sag should be 10 ~ 30 mm.   5, hand the level of safety rope just as high operation under special circumstances, walking for aloft working personnel of the rope, strictly for the use of seat belts suspension point. Should always check the fixed end or fixed point have loose phenomenon, steel wire rope for damage and corrosion, broken stocks.   Four, safety rope note 1, strictly prohibited the use of the rope as a safety rope to use 2, if the safety rope length of more than three meters, be sure to add buffer, to ensure the safety of aerial work personnel. 3, two people couldn't use a safety rope at the same time. 4, at the time of high risk operations, in order to make more security in mobile aerial work personnel, in the fasten your seat belt at the same time, to hang in the security line.
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