The use of lifesaving rope and custody note have?

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Fire safety rope is mainly used in the scene of the fire protection and rescue. Using the environment in general is a fire, particularly high temperature, which requires the fire line not only has the characteristic of strong tension, impact resistant, also must have the characteristics of high temperature resistance. So this kind of rope, generally with aramid cord, aramid cord has a strong tension, impact resistant, high temperature resistant characteristics. Aramid fiber has high strength and weight than the tensile strength is six times that of the steel wire, fiberglass 3 times, 2 times of the high strength nylon industrial yarn; The tensile modulus is 3 times of steel wire, fiberglass 2 times, high strength nylon industrial yarn 10 times; Aramid continuous use of the very wide temperature range, in - 196. C to 204 ℃ scope can normal operation for a long time. Shrinkage rate to zero under the condition of 150 ℃, 560 ℃ high temperature decomposition not melt. (1) does not make the rope when using a hit from the overload or load, otherwise, there will be a broken stocks, even break the rope. (2) at ordinary times should be stored in a dry ventilated place to prevent mildew. Rinsed in (3) after use. Warm water should be promptly put in ventilated dry place order or after dried, long time exposure of avoid by all means. (1) regular inspection, found a rope wear larger or more than 1/2 shares grinding broken, should immediately stop using it. (5) the user load should be done regularly check, if there is no broken or damaged, may continue to use. Keep the rope (3) lifeline in the custody of contact with sharp objects, such as stained with acid, alkali substances, rinse and dry immediately. Lifesaving descending cable line by peg ( Or rings) , condole belt, rope, and speed control and so on, is a can make the person along the ( Along with the) Rope ( Belt) Slow down safety rescue device. It can be used for equipment installation in the place such as building window, balcony or flat-roofed building, also can be installed in high fire truck, rescue of personnel in high-rise building fire. At present our country fire emergency rescue equipment capacity and the rapid development of high-rise building imbalances, one is the equipment for high and long shots lags far behind the height of the development of high-rise buildings, the existing fire tanker sprinkler ability for only eight storeys high, held up high aerial ability also will only be about 15 layers, for higher high-rise building fire, the emergency rescue equipment is only 'the market'; 2 it is equipped with large volume, poor mobility, affected by the road traffic, construction surrounding environment, often because of complex terrain and obstacle blocks and delay time, the third is equipped with the rescue ability is poor, the existing aerial lift rescue only 2 to 3 people, once met tall building fire, can't meet the needs of the actual rescue. In order to change the passive situation now, some manufacturers and research institutes actively develop diversified emergency escape technology research, there appeared some gratifying progress in recent years, descending life line is one of them. Lifesaving descending rope line mainly for ordinary families and individuals to use, and its structure by the governor, seat belts, safety hook, rope, etc. Users to hang hooks in interior Windows, pipes, etc can be bearing object, then the waist belt system in the human body, from the window falling down to the ground. Every time a single individual can carry about 100 kg free skate, the slip velocity is approximately 0 per second. 5 ~ 1. 5 meters, from the 20th floor down to the ground takes about a minute, according to different body weight, the slightly different. Operation method (1) the rope end of the rope fixed on solid objects, and the lifeline along the window into the downstairs. (2) holding the lifeline, hooked on the windowsill, his left foot right foot pedal and blunt, treats people smoothly, left foot out of the window. (3) legs slightly curved, two foot pedal force of metope at the same time, his arms out straight and his hands slightly loose, below the eyes gaze, along the rope down. (4) when the fast close to the ground, his right arm bend forward, le rope two legs slightly bent, two on tippy toes.
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