The use of Marine breast of polymer polyethylene cable advice

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Cable is expensive, in view of the Marine molecular weight polyethylene (uhmwpe) and the use of the Marine cable regulation is limited to vale do Rio doce, therefore berthing in addition to the three port vale do Rio doce belongs to other ports, suggest still use the original breast. Several practical experience shows that breast is generally more stress position, the position of the Marine cable loss is serious, it is recommended that alignment of Brazil - China ship at every voyage home, to wear more serious horizontal line and the spring still use the original nylon or chemical fiber rope, to reduce the loss of Marine cable and use costs.   Advice when ordering, cable appropriate to reduce the length of the breast line position. Because breast line position of the cable length is not long, General dozens of meters) , so the Marine cable length can be reduced when ordering, cost savings, and makes the ship the cable on the warping machine got a better distribution of resistance and for preventing abrasion assignments provide larger operating space. Of course, when the ship if there is excessive part wear Marine cable, can cut off the first paragraph, after to splice adjusted to continue to use the breast line position.   Emergency preparedness for Marine polymer cable except strengthen crew training, to ensure the daily to master basic skills of emergency disposal, all kinds of emergency tools are also necessary, including: crowbar, axes, saws, chisel, sailor knife, scissors, hammers, etc. , in the keel with 1 set, and assign a regular inspection.   Marine polymer polyethylene cable with its advantages of no pollution, good safety performance will be forced to use more and more ports, this ship managers must strengthen learning, improve the safety of the ship.
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