The use of the cable in all walks of life and the using method is introduced

by:SanTong     2021-02-04
Cable is mainly used for ship equipment, fishing, port loading and unloading, and electric power construction, oil exploration, sporting goods and other fields. Its structure is divided into three, stereotype, twelve strands of rope, products widely used and has high strength and low elongation, wear resistance, soft and smooth, easy operation, etc. Cable to note: the use of cable before each use, should carefully check tag markup tags make eye, rope body cut mouth, broken stocks, broken wires, kinking and other damaged parts, if there is no exception and defects can be normal use; A rope, should begin from the circles began to release the rope the rope, the rope should play out counterclockwise. Would happen if counterclockwise rope, the rope knot. If produce kink, should be put back to the rope loops, reverse loops, and then pull the rope from the city centre, a better approach is to a rope on a turntable, can pull the rope from the external rope at this time. If people stand below the was too taut rope, will produce risk, once the rope out of control, will produce a great rally rebound, is likely to cause casualties. If the rope from the rope on the shaft, rope shaft itself should be free to rotate, using a tube through the line shaft center would be easy to do this, but on vertical line shaft on the ropes; If the rope on the pulley, the pulley diameter D and the diameter of the rope D should be more than 5, but for some high performance fiber rope ratio can reach 20. Suggestions for rope pulley groove diameter of 10% larger than the diameter of a rope The radian of 15%, if the rope at the contact wheel trough is 150 degrees, rope can achieve good mechanical condition, pulley flange height should be at least 1. Five times the rope diameter, to prevent the rope ran out of the pulley. In addition, often should inspect the pulley, and regular maintenance of bearing to ensure the pulley smooth rotation. Cable develop any of the following should be scrapped or stop using: cable appear obvious burned or melted; Linear distance is equal to the cable length on the surface of rope yarn or strand volume decreased by 10%; Cable is exposed to the overspray extreme temperature environment; Uv exposure downgrade, rope yarn surface into pieces; Cable in severely damaged the hot melt, harden, squish area; Melting or fusion effect of rope yarn quantity is over 20%.
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